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Vail Daily letter: What’s wrong with GOP

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Eric Larson, why don’t you add something of value to the nationwide conversation about health care that is occurring right now? Your letter to the editor comparing it to the U.S. Postal Service (“If government can’t deliver the mail …”) was idiotic.

This is typical of what is wrong with your party these days: You don’t bother with facts, just throw out scary lies that, unfortunately, many people buy into.

Kris Sampson, Vail

Outraged at fees

I was already somewhat disturbed upon opening my most recent Eagle-Vail Property Owners’ annual bill, as it seems to be increasing astronomically, with additional assessments snuck in that I don’t recall anybody ever mentioning to the owners.

But after reading R. Bruce Beckwith’s letter in regard to the outrageous spending increases by Eagle-Vail’s “leaders,” I’m downright furious.

Can anyone shed any insight as to whether the property owners have any ability to put an end to this absurdity? Also, I wonder if this “consulting” firm thinks more foreclosures and short sales in Eagle-Vail are supposed to help our property value?

Eric Mundy Eagle-Vail

Minturn’s needs

Minturn citizens, we need to present a business plan to the developer and the investor Dean Adler, of the Battle Mountain project.

Here is Frank Lorenti’s idea of a business plan that will work in today’s economy:

First, the developer has stated that Minturn will be the social and economic hub for their homeowners.

Second, they will reduce the size of project and cater to families and build small, less-dense housing.

Minturn will be the gateway to their development. Their potential homeowners have to drive through Minturn.

Minturn, we need to convince the developer that what is good for Minturn will be good for his development and his investors.

If we have good infrastructure, good sidewalks, nice streetscaping in downtown Minturn, a recreation and senior center and bike paths, then his potential home buyers will see a small-community with great small town character, great people, great local businesses and all the above additional items that families will want.

It is hard to sell a dream in today’s economic market, but if his potential buyers see all those above-mentioned amenities already built and being used, then he is selling a real living thing. It is easier to sell something you can touch than something that you have to imagine.

When his potential buyers can bike on a bike path and go to the recreation center to swim and then into town for a good lunch or dinner or buy a house-warming gift for their new house they just bought at Battle Mountain, or some unique clothing for their friends from a local Minturn store, then we all prosper.

The developer sells homes and makes money for his investors, and the Minturn citizens get improvements and benefits and we create opportunity for businesses.

That is a true win-win.

By getting those millions of dollars from the developer now, we can start to build today. We can create a Minturn stimulus package. We can tear up our roads and infrastructure now when it will have less impact on businesses and locals. We can use Minturn people to build these items, providing an income to people that may not have any now.

Plus, it will cost the developer less to build in today’s economy, so Dean Adler and his investors should like that.

I am tired of hearing excuses from our current council. We need people who can think outside the box, people who can be creative and look forward and people who are not scared to speak up with ideas.

If you have ideas, go to my Web site at http://www.minturn or call me at 970-390-1460.

The economy is bad, but we can change that in Minturn.

Look at Vail with all their buildings being close to completion in this bad economy.

Look at Eagle-Vail with a $3.4 million swimming pool being built in April in this bad


So once again, I am tired of excuses from people who refuse to move Minturn forward.

This business plan will work, and by voting for Frank Lorenti for Minturn Town Council on April 6, I can present this to the developer, and we can move this town forward.

There is $11.6 million sitting in a bank that we can use today to accomplish this plan.

If you do not grow, you die. Minturn, we need to grow, responsibly.

Vote for Frank Lorenti.

Frank Lorenti Minturn

How it really works

While I applaud Mr. Le Vine’s recent positive spin on Social Security, here is how I understand it really works. Each year, money is collected from all workers who pay into the system and from the amount that is


collected, all Social Security recipients are paid.

What is left over is what Mr. Le Vine said has been placed into the Social Security trust fund. In actual fact, no money exists in such a fund. The excess over that required to pay current Social Security recipients is put into the general fund and has always been spent by the politicians who represent us.

The fact that the surplus is getting smaller and smaller is what worries our politicians, for at least two reasons.

One, they at some point in the future won’t be able to pay all recipients out of the collected funds, so they will have to come up with the difference themselves (either via taxes or cuts in benefits – there is no bank account like “Social Security fund” from which to draw).

And two, they are receiving a smaller and smaller amount of excess money to dump into the general fund and spend. As the spendable excess gets smaller and smaller and eventually becomes nonexistent, the government will have to obtain that amount of money through higher taxes or cuts in non-Social Security programs, neither of which makes politicians very popular.

So, while Social Security may not yet be adding to our national deficit, eventually it will not provide the slush fund of excess money that politicians have been spending. And what effect do you think this will have on our future deficit?

Bill Saunders Edwards

What is that?

What is behind that ugly green fence on U.S. Highway 6 just west of Edwards? That is the result of 15 years of work and dedication by a number of local people who have met to ponder and plan for an interfaith and community facility in the Eagle Valley.

After many false starts and disappointments, the Eagle Valley Religious Foundation finally found and bought the 5 acres formerly belonging to Steve Ruder. And after another four or five years of working to raise the money to build, Phase I of the Edwards Interfaith Chapels and Community Center, consisting of classrooms and community center, is under way. Two chapels and a caretaker apartment will complete the campus in the future.

The interfaith concept so unique to the valley was born about 1965, when Vail Associates gave the land for the Vail Interfaith Chapel. The Chapel at Beaver Creek, on land again given by Vail Associates, was built in the 1980s. The sharing of facilities by both religious and nonreligious groups means that these groups can survive here, where land is at a premium and building costs are high.

Why such a facility in the west end of the valley? Pretty much that is where the children and youth are and where classroom and meeting space is needed. As the valley has grown, so has the need for space where the many service, charitable and youth groups can meet. A commercial-type kitchen will be added as funds are available for banquets, wedding receptions, etc.

So as you drive down Highway 6, slow down and take a look at the artist’s rendering on the sign on the fence. I think you will agree that it is going to be a very nice addition to our valley.

Jo Brown Edwards

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