Vail Daily letter: When does the paranoia stop with gun lovers? |

Vail Daily letter: When does the paranoia stop with gun lovers?

Jim Brieger
Vail, CO, Colorado

Your article on the Gypsum Gun Club (March 13) was more than disheartening.

Is it too much to ask that a gun club or any gun advocacy group support reasonable gun control measures?

So the Gypsum town mayor and gun club president introduced a resolution to support 2nd amendment rights.

When does the paranoia stop?

I could quote statistics from countries like Scotland and Australia, whose subsequent gun control measures enacted after mass shootings incredibly reduced gun deaths.

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Irrefutable research demonstrates that countless lives have been saved. The use of violent video games or the incidence of schizophrenia is no less in those countries than it is in ours.

The only critical difference is in the number and kinds of guns.

I spent 25 years treating mentally ill patients and I can assure you that the answer to reducing gun deaths in this country does not begin with them.

There is a reason the National Rifle Association successfully opposed the funding of research on gun violence in this country.

The promotion of ignorance supports their objectives.

Those of us who support reasonable gun control measures have no organization to represent us like the NRA. But our numbers are not small, and we want our voices heard.

Jim Brieger


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