Vail Daily letter: Where are adults? |

Vail Daily letter: Where are adults?

Chris Mech
Vail, CO Colorado

How’s this tidbit grab ya: “The developer of the downtown Phoenix office and retail project CityScape has received a $12 million loan from a Hispanic organization’s community-development agency for construction of the Hotel Palomar. The latest loan is the second this year that RED has received from a Phoenix community development organization for construction of the about $90 million, 242-room boutique hotel near First Street and Washington Street.” ( July 21,2011)

Or how about this one: “Lee’s Summit Council Loans $9M To Developer – RED Says It Needs Loan To Finish Building Summit Fair Shopping Center” ( May 14, 2009)

And here are my favorites, Part 1: The Legends at Village West is a super-regional shopping mall and lifestyle center located in the Village West development in Kansas City, Kan. (Wikipedia)

Part 2: “KCK’s Legends To Become Outlet Mall – The Legends at Village West near the Kansas Speedway is changing its name to the Legends Outlets of Kansas City and will focus on value-driven outlet stores. ( March 12, 2010)

The latter two projects are in Kansas City, the hometown of RED Development and home to a population base over 2 million. Yet they have these issues even in their own back yard.

So let’s review what’s happening with our own proposed “lifestyle center” in Eagle, with a population base of around 40,000. Years ago, a beautiful horse pasture east of Eagle is designated as “blight” by (then) Eagle Mayor Jon Stavney and friends. (Stupid horses pooping all over it, I guess.) Trinity/RED Development buys it in hopes of turning our horrible horse pastures into a vibrant “lifestyle center.”

A public vote is held, and the people of Eagle tell the developer where to go.

Tom Boni was employed for three years by the developer as a cheerleader, but the plan is rejected anyway. Jon Stavney appears in ads promoting the project and writes glowing editorials about our need for ERS.

Fast forward to today. Jon Stavney is a county commissioner and has been active in trying to secure funding for an east Eagle interchange, ostensibly for the few ranchers that live out that way.

Tom Boni has a new gig, too. Turns out this paid shill of RED Development was the perfect candidate for town planner!

Why would a vote be appropriate for the last incarnation (denied by both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the citizens of Eagle then) but not this time? Why are local officials so desperate to ram this down Eagle’s throat?

Aren’t there any adults in the room who can see the fox is in the henhouse? Will we be ready to bail out this developer when they come crying about how they can’t finish their monstrosity? The incestuous relationships between our town and county officials and the developer will result in a concrete jungle with 3,400 parking spaces, regardless of the will of the people.

“Outlets at Eagle,” anyone? I guess Eagle’s new slogan should be “To the Future and Bed, Bath and Beyond!”

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