Vail Daily letter: Where do you shop? |

Vail Daily letter: Where do you shop?

Bob Fleming
Vail, CO, Colorado

Where do you shop?

Do you shop in Eagle? We shop in Avon, Edwards, Gypsum (Costco), Glenwood Springs, Silverthorn (outlet mall), Denver (only in desperation!), and online (a lot!).

Of course we shop at City Market and some at Eagle Pharmacy, but by and large we shop out of town.

Why? There just isn’t the product variety we want here in town.

Without something like the Eagle River Station, this trend will continue for us.

So, will that help the local merchants and the town tax base?

Nope! Without the ERS, our town lacks the critical mass to attract much real shopping.

We need that expansion in Eagle, or the town will eventually run out of enough sales tax money.

Store shopping is not going to die out in spite of the doom sayers.

For many products – particularly food and clothing – you just need that look-and-feel shopping experience.

Gypsum and even Wolcott are talking about expanded shopping.

This just in: City Market wants to expand but its present lot is too small. The ERS developer says they would be welcome there, and City Market wants to stay in Eagle.

Let’s face it people: Eagle can remain only a bedroom community, but having to drive out of town to do your shopping means real estate taxes will have to increase to keep the town from imploding.

Bob Fleming


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