Vail Daily letter: Where does the money actually go? |

Vail Daily letter: Where does the money actually go?

Bob Foley
Gypsum, CO Colorado

Please vote “no” on the school tax increase measure 3B.

I think educating our children is probably the most important task in our lifetime. It is a sacred task.

My children are all grown and on their way. But I do not think I should be absolved of my duties to pay for a public school system. Just the opposite. I feel it the right thing to do to maintain our wonderful freedoms and our economic standards in our beautiful country.

But what bothers me about this 3B tax increase is how this money will be used. All 3B says is that they need these millions of dollars, but they give no plan on where this money will be used. Who are these people we are giving millions of dollars to?

All the signs that have sprung up like weeds, “Vote Yes on 3B” – well, where did they get the money to pay for these signs? Also, I have been seeing Brown Palace Hotel and Spa receipts. (Man, I would love to go to the Brown Palace Hotel.) Why am I paying for their lunches at 3 Margaritas and PF Chang’s?

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Let’s examine the administrative staff, their salaries, and all of their travel and food vouchers. I have seen some great articles recently that actually have facts supporting a “no” vote on this tax increase. Let’s make sure they are not increasing our taxes to maintain their lifestyles.

Editor’s note: A citizens group supporting 3B paid for the yard signs.

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