Vail Daily letter: Where were deputies? |

Vail Daily letter: Where were deputies?

Jennie Fancher
Vail, CO, Colorado

In our “Happy Valley,” it is easy to feel as though crime isn’t an issue, but crime happens here, and how it is dealt with is a bit eye-opening.

A couple of weekends ago, there was a comedian performing at The Back Bowl in Eagle. While she was performing, three men were playing pool in the room behind the stage, hidden from view by a curtain. They are seen on the surveillance camera finding her bag below the stage, taking her car keys out and high-fiving each other. They stole her car.

The next day, the car was found, not because the sheriff and his deputies were out looking for it but because the comedian’s mother and sister were. The woman whose car was stolen had been told by a third party that the Sheriff’s Office would not be looking for her car.

When discussing this with longtime residents of Eagle County, the response is the same: No one is surprised. Our community has grown immensely in the 18 years that I have lived here. With the increased population has come more crime. We need to send a message that crime is not tolerated here and continue to keep our valley a safe place to live.

A woman who lives in Denver came here to work, got her car stolen, found it herself, is stuck with a damaged vehicle that she has to pay to repair, and the three men who stole it, who are identifiable, are getting away with auto theft. Do you think she will tell all of her friends in Denver and around the country what a great place our “Happy Valley” is?

The Sheriff’s Office is not dealing with this auto theft incident because it is a headache that they don’t want to deal with.

After all, there is no economic incentive for them, is there? By hurting our valley’s reputation they could, in the long run, affect the economy for many of us. They have access to a tape of the three men who stole the car and should be pursuing them. They have hard evidence but refuse to move forward. This is unacceptable.

What message is being sent by the Sheriff’s Office? I think that whoever wants to be elected Eagle County sheriff needs to give that question some serious thought and give an answer to the people who live here.

Jennie Fancher


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