Vail Daily letter: Where’s the cash for Minturn? |

Vail Daily letter: Where’s the cash for Minturn?

Frank Lorenti
Vail, CO, Colorado

At the last Minturn Town Council meeting, Dean Adler’s representative, Crave real estate, gave an update on the Battle Mountain project.

No cleanup of Gilman toxic waste, no two golf courses, fewer ski lifts and less housing. Housing was 1,700 now maybe 1,600.

Adler has spent about $130 million on project already and the Minturn citizens have not seen one penny of that.

Our town council, which you all voted for, are doing a bang-up job in protecting and making sure that the Minturn citizens come out the winners here. That was sarcasm.

The Minturn voters voted in the same small-minded people that have failed Minturn over the years.

They have lost all three of our schools, less bus service, Chili Willy’s has now closed after 27 years, fewer businesses, higher water rates, failing infrastructure, etc.

Now it seems that Adler-Crave will try to stall and try to get new approval for their smaller project.

But wait.

They do not need approval for a smaller project because they were approved for “up to” — meaning anything less than the original proposal is OK.

So now instead of wasting everyone’s energy and more years on how many houses, our council should be concentrating on getting us the money.

Dean Adler will make excuses that with a smaller development there will be less profit so less money to Minturn. But that is not the case.

They will actually have more profit because:

1) They are not building the two golf courses, which are money losers instead of money makers, so they will save millions.

2) No cleanup of Gilman toxic waste site, so that saves them another $50 million.

3) Fewer ski lifts, so that saves them money there.

4) They will only build about 100 fewer home units. Here is the catch to that: They will actually make more because those units will be more houses than condos.

So when Dean Adler cries about not making money, I say liar.

Minturn needs to demand a check made out to the Minturn citizens, with no fine print, before we agree to any renegotiations with Dean Adler.

Here is what the Vail Daily said years ago about Ginn-Adler and the $180 million dollars, and they have refused to do.

“Give Ginn a go” — May 18, 2008.

“We will hold him to that word and to those many promises, as should the town and the county.”

I would love to see a Vail Daily article holding Dean Adler accountable.

It seems I am the one trying to hold Dean Adler accountable.

My website has facts.

Wake up, Minturn. The majority of you are still sleeping and it is costing us, the ones that care about improving and making Minturn a family, business-friendly town.

How much more do we have to lose and how many more businesses close before you wake up?

Frank Lorenti


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