Vail Daily letter: Where’s the real news? |

Vail Daily letter: Where’s the real news?

Robert Milfeld
Vail, CO Colorado

Does anyone at the Vail Daily have a clue that the economy is ready to implode and that the dollar is going to probably crash this year? A few weeks ago, Lauren Glendenning wrote a story about Vail Resorts’ increase in revenue for the quarter and that the United States is on its way to recovery.

What does a community editor know about economics? She is a Keynesian economics mainstream writer who writes what the people want to hear. Our once-great country is going down the tubes so fast that I predict by the end of July everyone will be running around the Vail Valley saying to themselves, “What just happened?”

Her snippet a few weeks ago about her feel-good, fuzzy story about the recovery is doing a great injustice to your readers in the valley. I understand that you have to sell real-estate ads for the realtors – by the way, I have never met a group of people who know so much about so little. Hear me now, they are going to have their butts handed to them along with all the other people who have ostrich syndrome.

The Vail Daily and other lamestream media sources is why years ago I switched to the Internet for my news. On top of the economy ready to implode, our civil liberties are being stripped from us on a daily basis, and no one seems to care.

Below are two links that you should read/watch if you don’t believe me.

28 Statistics About Gutting Of U.S. Economy That Will Blow Your Mind

Google this one: “Michael Ruppert predicts economic collapse by end of July 2011.”

Have fun reading some real news for once.

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