Vail Daily letter: Which school tax bids do we choose? |

Vail Daily letter: Which school tax bids do we choose?

Marty Lich
Vail, CO, Colorado

The Educational Foundation of Eagle County survey question should be “Which 2013 tax increases will you be supporting?”

This next part likely goes without saying, as I am sure people have been following the proposed statewide income tax hike to fund public schools.

SB 13-213 is expected to be on our 2013 ballot, and is titled “Concerning the financing of public schools, and, in connection therewith, creating the ‘Public School Finance Act.'”

This state bill will hike your income taxes to fund schools, as well as allow school districts to ask for increased property taxes to pay for their employees, including administration, cost of living raises via mill levies.

In addition to that bill, there are now more than 25 ballot initiatives supporting tax hikes for schools, some submitted by EdNews Colorado, to date.

Also worth mentioning is the March 2013 Census Bureau Quick Facts showing Eagle County’s population percent change of minus 0.6 percent.

Eagle County has a negative population growth.

So the question really is, which 2013 tax increases for schools will the remaining Eagle County voters support?

Marty Lich


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