Vail Daily letter: Who are they anyway? |

Vail Daily letter: Who are they anyway?

Eric Rosenquist
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding your article on the resort “environmental reports cards” issued by the self-styled Ski Area Citizens Coalition, I guess your authors could not be troubled to visit the website run by this organization and see if they have any significant background in science.

From the article: “I’m sure they feel like we’re meddlers, and that’s fine,” Rider said of Vail Resorts. “We, as an organization, believe the public has a right to know how any kind of industry operates on public lands.”

While Vail Resorts discredits the ranking as unscientific, Rider defends it and said there are “a lot of really qualified scientists on our staff.”

I’m interested in who they are: Their website lists only one person who might be a scientist. Those who signed the report? I could not find a “who we are” page on their website. So who are these “really qualified scientists,” and who funds this organization so that they have “staff”?

I am surprised that as much as you shill for Vail Resorts, that you give this self-proclaimed “expert” group a front page on your website.

Eric Rosenquist


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