Vail Daily letter: Who is trying to buy the ‘no’ vote? |

Vail Daily letter: Who is trying to buy the ‘no’ vote?

Paolo Narduzzi
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’m registered to vote in the town of Eagle. As a voter here I’ve received a number of phone surveys regarding Eagle River Station.

I’m pro-ERS and I don’t mind telling pollsters or my neighbors that I believe ERS will be good for Eagle.

The most resent survey was so biased against the project that I would describe it as a political push poll trying to sway my opinion against the project. I got really ticked off, refused to respond a few times, and then, in process, realized that if I made the survey drag a bit longer maybe it would increase the cost of the survey! I thought “Yeah, keep the meter running. Time is money, right”?

I had a good time telling the lady why I support ERS. I was sure she could be converted. I asked her to support ERS. She told me sorry but she was calling from out of state and thanked me for participating in the survey.

An ethicist might say that I should be accountable for what I did. Should I extend apologies to the mystery pollster? Who exactly is the person accountable for the recent push poll in Eagle?

Push polling is a form of negative campaigning that is illegal in New Hampshire and condemned by the American Association of Political Consultants. This negative campaign tactic and lack of transparency should be troubling to everyone in our community.

There are campaign laws in Colorado designed to promote a transparent and fair referendum. Whoever financed the negative campaign phone calls is out of compliance with those laws if they haven’t registered with the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office regarding campaigning for the Jan. 5 referendum.

Who is Eagle’s mystery pollster with the deep pockets? The last two phone polls probably cost $8,000 to over $10,000.

The opponents of ERS spent substantial sums during the hearing process on printing, mailing, Web site, video recordings of meetings, robo calls, lawyer fees, and political consultants.

Who in Eagle would spend so much money to kill ERS? Does the mystery pollster even live in Eagle? If my hunch is correct, my next question is why would a non-resident bankroll the local opposition to this extent?

The amounts already spent to stop ERS seem way out of proportion for a local small-town land-use decision.

Who is buying the “no” vote in Eagle? If it is someone outside our community, we should all be alarmed.

Paolo Narduzzi


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