Vail Daily letter: Who is trying to buy votes? |

Vail Daily letter: Who is trying to buy votes?

Rosie Shearwood
Eagle, CO, Colorado

I, like others, had decided to not give Paulo Narduzzi’s letter the honor of a reply. However, having learned of an upcoming event scheduled by Eagle River Station developers, I must respond.

Not for the first time, Trinity/Red has plied our senior community with a free lunch (free to them, but someone certainly is paying) in order to make their pitch for Eagle River Station. On at least two other occasions they did this at the Golden Eagle Senior Center. However, when the use of government property for the purpose of solicitation was questioned, future events there were canceled.

So now, our seniors have been invited to a “free” lunch at the Broadway Grill to hear a presentation aimed to get their “yes” vote and even features another supporter, the mayor himself. I really doubt the new owners of Broadway are donating this event. They’re probably thrilled for the business, any business, even though national restaurant chains located just to the east could spell their future doom.

Mr. Narduzzi is either very much out of his employer’s communication loop, or he just had very poor timing in asking, “Who is buying votes?”

There is no free lunch, and I’m thinking that as those seniors unload from their bus at the Broadway, they are pretty happy to accept one from a developer that is buying, and I think they’ll vote whatever their minds tell them anyway. As the saying goes, “Don’t mess with seniors.”

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Rosie Shearwood


Editor’s note: Narduzzi’s employment with Trinity/RED ended in July 2008, and he says he’s speaking strictly as a citizen of Eagle.

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