Vail Daily letter: Who will save us? |

Vail Daily letter: Who will save us?

Peter Bergh
Edwards, CO Colorado

In the United States today, never has the expression “people get the kind of government that they deserve” been more evident, for due to a variety of factors that transcend both major political parties, the United States has been dumbing down for decades as the ever-increasing cascade of bad news clearly reveals.

Once riding high since achieving overwhelming victory in World War II, the electorate allowed itself to be induced into a virtual stupor by easy-living, over-indulgence, an ever-increasing barrage of mindless television programming, awful movies, violent video games, texting, Twittering, an obsession with sports, the emphasis on form over substance, badly failing scholarship across the board and a profound lack of knowledge of history.

Not too long ago, the country elected George W. Bush to the highest office in the land, twice, despite mounting evidence that he was not up to the job; and whose poor decisions contributed to the largest national debt and deficits in history and continuing expensive and painful entanglements in unwinnable wars in the Mideast.

In response, the poorly informed electorate brought to power Barack Obama whose brilliant and well-educated mind, forged in academia and politics, was unfortunately not tempered to a fine cutting edge by any real-world experience, rendering him unable to correctly perceive and to address the major (though inherited) problems facing most American: the loss of their jobs, their homes and their futures.

To make matters much worse, 90 percent of the time we have returned to office U.S. representatives and senators whose collective approval rating is now below 20 percent, and in some Republican quarters there is serious talk of putting a female grizzly bear in the White House in 2012! So much for the theory of effective checks and balances in government.

We live in an increasingly complex and competitive world, but like the large dog who endlessly chases its own tail, the country races madly around in a tightening circle unable to connect desire with objective while other nations (i.e. China and India) march deliberately and steadily by us.

I was born in 1938 and having been a first-hand witness to what I speak of, my greatest concern is that today there appears to be very few lifeguards in a gene pool seemingly bound and determined on drowning itself.

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