Vail Daily letter: Why Eagle River Station needs to pass |

Vail Daily letter: Why Eagle River Station needs to pass

Jessica Mossman
Vail, CO, Colorado

Given the current economic state of our town, I find it hard to believe there are so many still uninformed to how Eagle River Station will benefit the town of Eagle.

I completely agree with a recent letter written by Brad Hasley. Our town needs development and financial resources.

Eagle River Station will bring not only much needed employment, but also (at no cost to the town) approximately $26 million in new infastructure (sidewalks, sewer lines, eco trail, etc.) and will have the current agricultural zoning become commercial zoning resulting in increased mill levies to our special districts (ambulance and fire).

These special districts are working with greatly reduced budgets. Without an influx of funds, further cutbacks may need to be considered, which could result in decreased emergency services. Let’s all take a lesson from upvalley as we see what reduced budgets have done to their fire district.

This proposal for Eagle River Station does not include the hundreds of for-sale housing proposed in years past and for people to say it is 30 percent bigger is skewing the


For those against Eagle River Station, please provide an alternate viable solution to bring in the millions of dollars our town and emergency services districts needs to function.

At this point, no other development or financial options have been presented for the town to consider.

The area along the Interstate 70 corridor is a perfect location to bring in this type of development, and it also falls within Eagle’s 2010 approved growth plan and within planning and zoning guidelines.

This area will not take away from the residential areas or from the charm of our downtown. Increased funds can do nothing but enhance the upkeep of these areas likely bringing in more niche and local businesses in these areas.

An article in the April 16 paper referenced that RED Development is bidding on and may bring development to Gypsum Tower if Eagle River Station does not pass.

City Market is currently in Eagle’s town limits and brings in aproximately 40 percent of our town’s sales tax revenue. As it is looking to expand, there is no room at its current location. Without a location for development and City Market to expand, it is a guarantee we will see a continued reduction of town and special district funds.

Should this not pass, I fear we will see a large number of town and district job losses, and the town will have a diminished ability to maintain roads, sidewalks and other basic needs and just be a location passed by on the freeway as people spend their money up and downvalley.

Town of Eagle registered voters, I urge you to get out and vote “yes” on May 22. If you know you have a conflict, get a mail-in or absentee ballot.

This is too important to not participate. Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth and yet again give what could be our revenue to our neighbors to the west.

Jessica Mossman


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