Vail Daily letter: Why is ERS bigger now? |

Vail Daily letter: Why is ERS bigger now?

Steve Sheldon
Vail, CO, Colorado

My friends who live upvalley and in neighboring counties can’t understand why Eagle is voting again about Eagle River Station. “Didn’t your town already vote that down?” they ask.

“Yes” and “narrowly,” I tell them. The way I saw it last time, the consensus after the very close vote was that yes, Eagle would like some regional retail, just not 800 million trillion thousand square feet. I thought a very clear message was sent to RED to come back with a smaller project and it’ll be supported.

Like so many, I am struggling with my decision on Eagle River Station. Can anyone explain why the project came back bigger when it was obvious that smaller was desired by the voters?

I’m really struggling with this, and it may decide my vote, so I would appreciate an explanation.

I would love to have more shopping options and a place like Glenwood’s Meadows to hang out at, but I refuse to accept that regional retail of this size is our only salvation. Does every struggling town of 6,000 in the USA need huge regional retail to survive?

And shouldn’t regional retail be near the airport (despite the lack of interstate access) and revenue shared by Gypsum and Eagle? Politics aside, it seems logical.

I feel bad for all the lost opportunities and jobs should Eagle River Station fail again. But I honestly think RED is shooting itself in the foot by proposing a bigger center than the last time.

Steve Sheldon


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