Vail Daily letter: Why the scare tactics? |

Vail Daily letter: Why the scare tactics?

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

There have been lots of negative words regarding the “horrors” associated with health-care reform, and there have also been lots of statements saying that Medicare is a failure.

I would first like to remind us all that the ever-increasing costs for health insurance has been responsible for bankrupting many families and small businesses. And furthermore, every forecast says that the premiums will continue to go higher.

And secondly, despite the baloney about socialism, Medicare works well even though it may well be categorized as “socialized” medicine.

Its only problem is that people are living longer, and legitimate costs are higher than were forecasted when the program began back in 1965.

So, I would first suggest that we raise the very modest premiums so that Medicare will not become a fiscal liability. And then we should expand it so that people have a choice between it and the very expensive private insurance — which incidentally, excludes those with preconditions.

I believe that this is the program that scares the hell out of the insurance companies and that’s why they’re funding all the negative baloney.

David Le Vine

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