Vail Daily letter: Why we need school tax hike |

Vail Daily letter: Why we need school tax hike

I am honored to have been appointed a year and a half ago to fill the vacant District B Eagle County School District Board of Education seat. I strongly believe in the American value of educating all our children so that they may grow into productive and valuable citizens of the world. This is a monumental task, and I have enormous respect for the professionals that dedicate their lives to children, our future.

Eagle County Schools is a large and complex organization that educates almost 6,000 children and employs over 800 people. Jobs, security and benefits are being provided for many families. Teachers, bus drivers, maintenance staff, nurses, cooks, technology wizards, and many more support our children and our businesses. A wide variety of departments work together with the common goal of producing responsible and contributing members of society.

Eagle County Schools is on the leading edge of education reform in America. A Gates Foundation Grant has been awarded to support our leadership on the road to Educator Excellence, as now required by SB 191. Progress is being made in closing the achievement gap and gains are being made by students from all walks of life. Educators around the country notice Eagle County Schools and many have made the effort to visit the district in order to learn about our vision and successes.

I believe that everyone in Eagle County has something to gain by supporting our schools. Quality schools drive up property value. Quality schools produce an educated work force, which is vital to our businesses and to our economy. Quality schools result in better quality of life for all those who pass through their doors.

Support Eagle County. Support Eagle County Schools.

Kate Cocchiarella

Eagle County School Board member

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