Vail Daily letter: Wilderness is not about us |

Vail Daily letter: Wilderness is not about us

Curtis H. Green
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have listened to the voices for and against the proposed wilderness. What has struck me about all of these voices were the egocentric reasons behind each of these rationalizations. I think we need to step out of our own realities and accept our responsibilities as stewards of our mountains, our country, and our planet.

As our population continues to grow, we need to realize that in all areas that we are not alone. Others live here, and we need to respect our biodiversity. Indeed we need to grow up, not out. We are only passing through. If the oil spill in the gulf teaches us anything, it is that we cannot take what we have for granted without forethought and care.

Our country is what it is because of the land, the wildness. Americans grow up with a can-do attitude because they have a place to test themselves, a place that makes them think outside the box of society. The American spirit, the American heart, is there because of the land. Not everyone can touch it, but all Americans know that we are not settled, we are wild, brave and unstoppable because we have this place called home that keeps that spirit alive.

The North American continent is alive. It moves, with massive migrations annually. Humans with their egocentricities are in constant movement, as is everything around us if we would just take the time to look around.

We are entering a new time in the history of the world. Let us step up and control our unending wants and desires. Let us step up and say that here and now we accept our planet as it is and care for it as we should or as we can.

Our children’s children will respect us more, and thank us for our wisdom and our gift.

Let us think of someone else besides our own selfless desires.

Curtis H. Green


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