Vail Daily letter: Will GOP rethink? |

Vail Daily letter: Will GOP rethink?

Fletcher MacNeill
Vail, CO, Colorado

It was a real surprise to learn so early, on election eve, that President Obama has won his reelection after a most incredible and insanely divisive contest. The sickening amount of money spent, thanks to Karl Rove and the Supreme Court, and the irresponsible rhetoric should be an eye opener to the Republican Party to regroup.

Let us hope that our country will now coalesce into one that will forego nonsensical rhetoric (Fox News) and use of the unfounded mantra of “a failed administration” and hopefully that the Republicans will rebuild their party without the tea party, Carl Rove and religious fanatics.

The faithful should continue to do good works, as Christ would want them to do, and practice in their community the tenants of their church: No abortions, no contraceptives, no family planning (which is a very important aspect of life), for instance, and refrain from pushing for legislation in these matters that would affect the rest of the populace not of their beliefs.

It is incumbent on the Republicans in Congress to come down to earth and realize, that for the good of our country, they must begin to think about cooperation and accommodation.

And here in the Vail Valley, those of you who have have maintained a constant negative rhetoric of opposition to President Obama should now accept that he is our president. Try to understand his sincere efforts to govern our country with the involvement and cooperation of Congress and you can offer constructive thoughts to your congress persons.

Ours is a wonderful country and our positive involvement and understanding will make it even better.

Fletcher MacNeill


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