Vail Daily letter: Wimpy pipe at Beaver Creek? |

Vail Daily letter: Wimpy pipe at Beaver Creek?

Travis Young
Vail, CO, Colorado

Regarding the article on Friday: Beaver Creek changing their terrain parks.

Are you kidding me? Why even waste the time and money to produce a wimpy 13-foot pipe?

The only reason I even go to Beaver Creek anymore is to ride the pipe and see old friends. Making a wimpy pipe is not going to bring in more people to the pipe. It will only keep the good riders away.

Beaver Creek is one of the best mountains around. Vail Resorts has already ruined most of the resort and I believe that they are trying to push the hardcores out.

Doug Lovell should be fired right away! I have been riding Beaver Creek since 1984, and if this happens I will never go there again.

Get it together, Beaver Creek. This mountain has soul.

Progression of the sport is in the pipe. I believe that the most watched event in the winter Olympics was the halfpipe. As a world-class resort, not having a good halfpipe pipe would be a major blow to the local scene and will downgrade the resort in a big way!

Building a 13-foot pipe is like building a downhill course in the Hay Meadow — lame!

Travis Young

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