Vail Daily letter: Wolf for sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Wolf for sheriff

Scott Green
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am writing this letter from the perspective of an elected official. A great deal of responsibility is placed on someone when they are elected to represent the community.

It is very rewarding to be in a position to make decisions that have a positive impact on the lives of the people you are representing. The decisions one makes, affects the daily lives of many people. Personal opinions and agendas have to be set aside, and one has to try to use all of the information available. One has to have long-range vision, as well as make day-to-it. day decisions. The weight of budget, personnel, policy, planning and public opinion in an organization can be very taxing.

After spending eight years in public service (on the Eagle County School District Board), I have seen how years of tough decisions can make some leaders complacent and accept status quo in day-to-day leadership. The job becomes easy and familiar, and if you don’t push the organization forward, no one is noticing or complaining.

It is easy to rest on your past successes. At this point budgets aren’t managed effectively, and highly motivated and trained people within the organization tend to move on. This can happen in any public or private organization.

New leadership takes over with vigor and ideas, and builds on the successes of the past leaders. This is a healthy cycle in business leadership.

This is why I am endorsing Charles Wolf for sheriff. I have known Charles for 10 years.

He has earned my respect with hard work and honesty. Charles will bring new energy and leadership to the sheriff’s position.

He understands the law and has a working knowledge of the challenges facing the department. Charles has vowed to be visible and available throughout the community. Charles is conservative and will make sure our tax dollars are spent wisely, while bearing in mind his foremost responsibility, our safety.

Scott Green

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