Vail Daily letter: Wolf would be a good sheriff |

Vail Daily letter: Wolf would be a good sheriff

Kelly Bullion
Vail, CO, Colorado

I have had the pleasure of working with Charles Wolf and discovered him to be an adept officer, supervisor and all-around nice human being.

I previously worked with Charles Wolf at the Ruidoso Police Department in Ruidoso, N.M., where he was employed as a police corporal, and I was employed (and still am) as a communications officer. While I am not authorized to speak on behalf of the department itself, I can state with certainty that he was one of the best supervisors I have worked with in the entirety of my 16-year law enforcement career.

I recall Charlie routinely going on calls for service as a supervisor, sometimes to assist the troops, but more often than not, taking the report paperwork when all he had to do was listen to radio traffic from the office. Charlie was easy to work with and a pleasure to “take orders” from. He was thorough and professional, without being too overbearing or hard to please, which is especially rare in the law enforcement field.

I recall one time in particular that Charlie was dispatched to a call of a disturbance. The calling party had a language barrier with the 911 operator, so information was unclear and scant. The gist of the complaint, however, was that there was some sort of disturbance or altercation at the downstairs apartment.

Charlie, a corporal at the time, responded to the call with the other two officers that had been dispatched. Upon arrival, the all three attempted to make contact at the complaint location without success. There was no answer when they knocked, or when they announced “Police!”

While most officers would have cleared the location with a disposition of “no contact-no offense observed,” Wolf and another officer stayed at the complaint location and sent the third officer to speak with the complainant in an attempt to gain more information. When that third officer came back to the scene and indicated there may be an ongoing altercation in the apartment, and that children may be present and potentially victims, Cpl. Wolf made sure that he made entry into the apartment and verified that any victims that may be in the premise received help.

I am confident that Charles Wolf not only possesses the skills and ability to be an effective and efficient leader, but he also possesses the character to do so as well.

Kelly Bullion

Ruidoso, N.M.

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