Vail Daily letter: Woodland for Eagle mayor |

Vail Daily letter: Woodland for Eagle mayor

Kraige Kinney
Vail, CO, Colorado

After reading a recent letter to the editor, I am reminded of another Robert Frost quote, “If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane.”

Since its incorporation over a hundred years ago, Eagle has generally taken “the path less traveled,” and the times it has experienced economic success and vitality have almost always been after controversial developments were approved.

Bull Pasture, the Terrace and Eagle Ranch, as well as other projects, had significant numbers of opponents who declared that if approved the developments would destroy the smalltown character of Eagle.

In each instance, they were proven wrong.

Character rests in the citizens who inhabit a town, not in the buildings and streets.

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Ed Woodland recognizes this and also recognizes that spending millions to improve the exterior character of community is also important. During Ed’s tenure as mayor and trustee, shortly after Eagle Ranch was approved the town spent millions improving the downtown streetscape, over a million on a new stage and town park improvements, acquired hundreds of acres of new open space, upgraded infrastructure throughout the town, and provided access to BLM land, as well as many other enhancements to our community.

That is the positive direction the town will continue to follow under Mayor Woodland’s guidance.

The town of Eagle needs an independent leader who is accountable to the citizens of Eagle. Mayor Woodland has shown the qualities necessary to lead our town through difficult times.

He has the discipline, honesty, integrity, vision, flexibility and compassion that are required to be an excellent mayor.

Several years ago, an Eagle family experienced a devastating fire, and on his own and at personal expense, Ed assisted with the clean up and their relocation.

Ed recognizes that for one of the first times in its history the town of Eagle must focus on job creation and employment opportunities while maintaining our quality of life.

Ed is the most qualified candidate to make that happen.

Kraige Kinney


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