Vail Daily letter: Woodland for mayor of Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Woodland for mayor of Eagle

Ali Hasan
Vail, CO, Colorado

I know that I am not a voter in Eagle’s mayoral election, but I had to write a letter in support of my friend, Mayor Ed Woodland. I have run for office twice, once in 2008 for House District 56 and again in 2010 for Colorado state treasurer.

In both those runs, I had the pleasure of meeting mayors and town board members all over Colorado. I can truly say, with my most sincere honesty, that no mayor in Colorado measured up to Ed Woodland. Ed sets a standard for how every mayor should conduct him-herself.

What makes Ed Woodland the best mayor in Colorado is that he frequently makes himself available to everyone in Eagle. There is a purpose behind this action.

If you have a disagreement, Ed always has the time to calmly explain his position. And Ed’s most valuable feature? He says the same exact thing, no matter where he is or who his audience is. More than agreeing with the public, or even uniting everyone in a consensus, a mayor needs to know his people.

No one knows Eagle better than Ed. And, quite frankly, every mayor in Colorado should spend a week with Mayor Woodland learning how best to maximize their efforts as a mayor. Mayor Ed Woodland has my highest endorsement.

Ali Hasan

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