Vail Daily letter: Woodland for mayor of Eagle |

Vail Daily letter: Woodland for mayor of Eagle

Todd A. Morrison
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’m writing to express my continued support for Ed Woodland as mayor of the town of Eagle and his efforts to remain in office with the upcoming Mayoral election. I have worked with Mr. Woodland in both the public and private capacities.

I believe he has displayed a tremendous commitment as mayor to the constituents of the town of Eagle through his efforts at managing reasonable growth, working to stimulate local economy and displaying fiscal budgetary discipline, particularly during these relatively difficult economic times.

I have relied on Mr. Woodland as an active attorney to steer both me and my company in the right direction with regard to legal matters. In 2010, Mr. Woodland spent several months representing my company in a $144 million civil suit. Due to his diligence, we were the first of a select few to be dismissed from this suit. Mr. Woodland is well-educated, disciplined, tenacious, persistent and extremely honest – qualities I greatly appreciate, but which can be elusive in today’s business


Personally, Mr. Woodland is a loving husband and a father of five beautiful children. He and his wife do a wonderful job parenting their children through their participation and support of the children’s schooling and interests in a wide range of activities such as soccer, swimming, skiing, gymnastics, music, etc.

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At the end of the day, Mr. Woodland is the type of being I want to have at the helm of my community. I am confident he is commited to steering his constituents in the right direction and continuing to be devoted to the betterment of the town of Eagle.

Todd A. Morrison


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