Vail Daily letter: Worth of life |

Vail Daily letter: Worth of life

Madeline Moos Vail, CO, Colorado

Peter Bergh, I guess, knows something the rest of us do not know. He’s been appointed God. Mr. Bergh has the inside track on when “life is not worth life.” I seem to have heard or read that despicable philosophy before. The Third Reich comes to mind. Possibly Mr. Bergh should be advocating the end of all R&D in medicine since technology has gone too far, he says. He states “well-meaning endeaors to prolong human life far beyond what nature has intended.” Did nature intend us to live beyond age 40? I wonder if Mr. Bergh has ever seen the movie “Soylent Green.” It’s a must-see for anyone who thinks Mr. Bergh is on to something. But I have a gracious and understanding heart. So when it comes my time to appear before Obama’s “death panel,” he can take my place in line.For the rest of us who do not see it Mr. Bergh’s way, I would suggest that we thank God (the real one) for our blessings, for the opportunity to pray daily and, for many, the chance to guide our children, grandchilren and great grandchildren on how to become useful, happy human beings.Madeline Moos Eagle


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