Vail Daily letter: Would you have liked him then? |

Vail Daily letter: Would you have liked him then?

David LeVine
Vail, CO Colorado

Butch, I was absolutely delighted to read your column praising President Truman for his willingness to squarely face the nation’s problems and then to make the very difficult decisions that were so badly needed.

However, it is worth noting that your present admiration would not have been the norm during the time that Mr. Truman actually served as president. As you know, he was seldom held in high regard while in office, and he was almost defeated in 1948 when he ran against Thomas E. Dewey, best described as “the little man on the wedding cake.”

But incidentally, given your own conservative leanings, do you think that you would have expressed the same admiration for Mr. Truman back when he was president? Or do you think perhaps that it’s easier to be objective in retrospect?

Incidentally, I must admit, it did occur to me that you might be heaping praise on Mr. Truman only in order to establish your objectivity before you slammed President Obama.

And now let me offer a couple of my own thoughts. First, that neither the confirmed Democrats nor the confirmed Republicans will control this election. The presidency will be determined by our independent voters. And just as in 1948, likability will be a huge factor.

There can be little doubt that Mr. Truman was far easier to like than Mr. Dewey back then. Now in 2012, Mr. Obama is far easier to like than the very wealthy, stuffy, flip-flopping Mr. Romney. So I firmly believe that Mr. Obama will win re-election.

My second thought is that just like Mr. Truman, Mr. Obama will ultimately be given proper credit for his accomplishments.

David LeVine


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