Vail Daily letter: Wouldn’t have visited |

Vail Daily letter: Wouldn’t have visited

Robert Thompson
Brooklyn, N.Y.

As a visitor to Colorado last summer, I had wonderful time biking roads that I felt were relatively safe. Had I known how lightly my safety was actually held by the courts, as evidenced by Judge Frederick Gannett’s granting of the plea bargain to Marty Erzinger, I would obviously have followed my map in another direction.

Judge Gannett and Deputy District Attorney Mark Brostrom too readily swallowed Mr. Ertzinger’s extenuating circumstances. “Sleep apnea” would be a perfect defense had Mr. Ertzinger been driving his bed; the “new car smell” defense shouldn’t get the driver out of a speeding ticket, much less a hit-and-run assault.

My sympathies are with Dr. Steven Milo and anyone else seeking to prevent hit-and-runs on pedestrians, bicyclists, and even other drivers in this area.

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