Vail Daily letter: Xcel protects own interests |

Vail Daily letter: Xcel protects own interests

Sig Bjornson
Vail, CO, Colorado

Unbelievable! The best interests of Colorado’s energy consumers are once again under attack by Colorado’s energy providers. Even in this era of the state-mandated 20 percent renewable by 2020, Xcel wants to penalize small-scale renewable-energy generation.

Xcel Energy is proposing a new fee increase on new solar installations at a hearing before the Public Utilities Commission on Aug. 5. In essence, they seek to add additional fees to consumers who install and operate solar electrical panels that contribute energy to the grid and propose additional fees for “backup power.” As Tom Henley, an Xcel spokesmen, stated, “Right now, solar customers have this backup to the grid for free.”

So if you are a typical electrical customer, you are using 100 percent “backup” power but that doesn’t constitute a fee increase?

Why would those customers (who install solar panels) who provide energy back to the grid in a carbon-free, renewable, utilizing existing infrastructure, and save Xcel money on construction and transmission lines be penalized?

Simple. The energy corporations of our country (oil, gas, electrical) have one single purpose. Profits. They want you to believe the only option you have for energy use is you turn on a switch and they charge you. The idea of every American actually producing energy is not good for the corporate bottom line.

In reality, the idea of every American producing (or being energy efficient) is a concept that is long overdue.

Our current national energy “strategy” and use is unsustainable. Colorado is a state that is trying to lead the way for a balanced energy concept that will move towards utilizing all energy sources and promoting efficiency.

It’s good for Colorado, good for local jobs, and in the best interests of the future of our State.

Xcel is just protecting their interests, not yours.

Sig Bjornson


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