Vail Daily letter: Yes on 1A |

Vail Daily letter: Yes on 1A

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Vail, CO Colorado

There is only one issue, but it is a very important question on this year’s November ballot in Eagle County. I encourage any-one who cares about protecting the environment and helping the U.S. achieve energy independ-ence to support Ballot Referen-dum 1A – Eagle County Debt for Energy Smart Local Improve-ment District.

I believe that support of this ballot referendum is aligned with the environmental efforts cur-rently taking place at our resorts. Vail Resorts has taken steps for on-site renewable-energy gener-ation, insulation of our facilities, comprehensive lighting retrofits and an aggressive energy-reduc-tion goal of reducing our energy needs by 10 percent in two years. We have seen environmental and economic benefits from these programs, and we continue to grow our sustainability efforts on a local, state and industry level. We remain committed, as always, to the natural environment that surrounds us.

Referendum 1A will help Eagle County residents start and com-plete renewable-energy and con-servation projects. It will be ben-eficial not only to our communi-ty but also to our local energy providers – Holy Cross Energy and Xcel Energy. In spurring the development of residential renewable-energy projects, ener-gy in our communities will be more efficiently and more responsibly generated.

Vail Resorts believes in doing our part through our environ-mental commitments. I hope the county’s voters will do the same.

– Luke Cartin, senior mountain environmental affairs manager, Vail Resorts

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