Vail Daily letter: Yes on question 2B |

Vail Daily letter: Yes on question 2B

Roger Benedict
Owner, Ruggs Benedict
Vail, CO Colorado

As a longtime business owner in Avon, I am supporting question 2B on the ballot to raise additional funds for Avon’s transit system. It’s an interesting position for me, because until recently, I was opposed to increasing sales tax. These are the reasons that I changed my mind:

First, the sales tax increase requested is small, and should have little impact on competition. Currently, the Avon sales tax on a $100 purchase is $4.50. Passing this initiative will only raise it to $4.85. It’s not going to scare the shoppers away. Nobody is going to be upset with an extra 35 cents on a $100 dollar purchase.

Second, this plan is focused on solving one key need, connecting Avon and Beaver Creek with reliable, convenient transportation. By dedicating this sales tax income to public transportation, the town of Avon will be able to afford the cost of quality service. It will benefit our guests, employees, and our businesses.

Third, we’ll see quick results. It won’t take years of planning, design and development. Improving transit between Avon and Beaver Creek can start this ski season.

Finally, it’s future-oriented. By attaching transit funding to sales tax, it will be able to grow at the same rate that business grows. Down the road, as Avon is developed, and improved, increases in business will automatically generate increases in funding for transit. We can be confident that public transportation will keep pace with the growth of the community.

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Check out for more information, and vote yes on 2B for Avon – it’s a good idea!

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