Vail Daily letter: You are responsible for yourself |

Vail Daily letter: You are responsible for yourself

Phil Weinstein
Vail, CO, Colorado

This is not about the differences between generations or other such sociological ventures, but rather one spurred by the view of a women who was jogging on North Frontage Road on a recent morning with her water bottle. She was running against traffic in full view and with the knowledge that her eyesight might protect her from on-coming cars — hurrah!

Our valley is a vacation spot, but there are many who leave common sense adrift on an ocean of indulgence to do some things that defy reason. How many people do you see walking two or three abreast on our roads, and with traffic, thus relying on the good sense and skills of our drivers and cyclers who swerve to ensure they, the walkers, do not fall into their path. Or, for that matter, how many groups of two or three cyclers abreast do you see streaming by in their wonderful outfits, some in and some outside the bicycle lanes. And then there are the families out for a ride. Father and three children all adorned in their helmets, but mother seems either to spare herself “a bad hair day” or listens to the mantra “well, we are going slowly so I don’t need one …”

The entitlement or the delusion is that safety is for others and that we are immune.

We are not. Be safe!

Phil Weinstein


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