Vail Daily letter: You fools |

Vail Daily letter: You fools

Will Reich
Gypsum, CO Colorado

Shame on you. You were fooled by the negative propaganda and by those who thrive on bait-and-switch tactics.

Do you really think that the current administration will pull money from their own pockets (and the mouths

of their families) in order to offer

the already fledgling services to the


Even if they did (and some would, but probably not those at the top of the pay scale), the $9 million shortfall that our district has suffered in the past few years would hardly be covered by their sacrifice. In fact, it would roughly cover far less than one-twentieth of what is needed annually to properly educate and provide for our future leaders, medical personnel and business owners. The only thing that you did was pull programming and services from the very children who need them the most.

Recently our planet’s population just surpassed 7,000,000,000 people (yes, for those who can’t count, that’s 7 billion), and this means that our population is expanding at an exponential rate.

What’s more, history has shown time and time again that the worst thing (from a financial and humanistic approach) a society can do is keep an inordinately large segment of the population undereducated and underserved.

By voting against 3B, you just widened the gap between the haves and have-nots, which in one generation’s time will prove to be an exponentially larger burden on the governmental and societal systems.

The public education system was and remains a revolutionary approach to economic prosperity for all. It’s a means to level the playing field for families whose providers are working several jobs to put food on the table and shelter over the heads of their loved ones.

Public education is a service that provides for everyone and not just those who don’t want to pay, on average, the extra $8 per month 3B would have cost them.

“Fiscal responsibility” is not something that should come into play when it comes to educating our youth (yes, our youth; it takes a village to raise them). It’s not only the lower segment of our population that utilizes this service but also the children of families that also happen to have several homes, jets and exotic cars.

Properly educating the growing masses simply cannot be done through “fiscal responsibility” and budget cuts because education cannot and should not be run on a business model.

It is, in fact, an “educational model” that needs to and should exist outside of and separate from business (think of it as the separation of church and state if that helps rationalize it in your meager mind).

That being said, I hope you’re satisfied with the onslaught of future tax burdens you created – which, by the way, will cost exponentially more than the measly $8 per month you just saved. Now go do yourself a favor and, with that money, get the car wash you’ve always wanted.

Best of luck.

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