Vail Daily letter: You heard it here first |

Vail Daily letter: You heard it here first

Jim Cameron
Vail, CO, Colorado

Two policy positions promoted by the tea party-driven GOP leading up to the November midterms are to privatize Social Security and to end Medicare and replace it with a voucher system. While we ponder how our grandchildren are going to shoulder a huge national debt, we can add retirement and health care to the list of future generations’ threats to quality of life.

Whenever the Republicans gain control of the legislative process, we will become no country for old people.

No doubt, Social Security and Medicare are in deep trouble. Various solutions have been proposed over the years that would have alleviated, if not resolved these problems, but many consecutive Congresses kept kicking the can down the road. Just one more reason why there will be a huge turnover in Congress come November and possibly 2012 as well.

Take heart. Like all things Republican, there is money to be made with every initiative. The very wealthy are already on to this, but here is a way for us middle-class chumps to get in the game.

In a future election when the polls show a Republican majority in Congress and a likely Republican winner for president, there will be an opportunity to invest in the insurance industry that will reap huge profits from the dismantling of Social Security and Medicare as we know it today.

The health insurance companies will make huge profits from the health care vouchers passed out to what was the Medicare eligible. You might also do some research on the public relations and advertising companies that concentrate on health insurance companies as they will benefit handsomely as well.

The same logic applies to insurance companies and their marketing enablers who sell annuities that will take the place of Social Security.

You read it here first and the advice didn’t cost you a dime.

Jim Cameron


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