Vail Daily letter: You’re right, Butch |

Vail Daily letter: You’re right, Butch

T. Smith
Vail, CO Colorado

Bravo to Mr. Mazzuca and the Vail Daily for reporting a “truth” about global affairs. Top scientists/meteorologists indeed have proof that there is not a “global warming” to fear. It is important to care about our ecosystem, and I believe Americans are making leaps and bounds in preserving our natural resources, clean air and water. So, why is every other story in the media still warning us of global warming?”

There is a hidden (not so hard to see) agenda. Funding our mass media of propaganda is a small but powerful group of elite globalists who, for greed and power (and simply because that they do not believe we can take care of ourselves), will control our natural and energy resources and dictate our future lifestyle. Additionally, they will use the U.S. tax dollars to advance their global agenda.

Americans should be paying more attention to the U.N. treaties that our current U.S. administration is signing into effect in addition to the ongoing “bills” promoting beyond socialism at the domestic level. These frightening U.N. treaties are in direct opposition to our basic rights granted in the U.S. Constitution and are intentionally designed to diminish our sovereignty as a free country. A former Russian from the Soviet Union said “We have learned not to pay attention to the media’s propaganda. You Americans believe your mass media as truth without any evidence.”

Mr. Mazzuca explained it perfectly: “Science is based on evidence. … If a theory is contradicted by even a single piece of evidence, that theory must either be subjected to further scrutiny or abandoned.” Understanding this basic fact of science, Americans should also comprehend that our existence did not come from a “Big Bang,” either.

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