Vail Daily letter:Got what you voted for |

Vail Daily letter:Got what you voted for

R. Jack Panter
Vail, CO, Colorado

“I will not tax the middle class.” That implies that he/”they” will tax only the rich. (They did that also!) Well, all of the citizens who were just hit with the payroll tax to the tune of $40-$90 per month must be rich.

Everybody has been blessed with a 60 percent increase in their insurance premiums during the past two years. If you pay your own premium, then you know it. If not, ask your employer.

That is a tax. Remember, the Supreme Court ruled that the Obama health plan could only be legally approved as a tax plan, not a government-run health program.

Once again, somebody is urinating on my boot while they are telling me that I am standing in a rainstorm. Or maybe I am standing in that loophole. Probably there are more of those holes or rainstorms to come.

We get just what we collectively voted for!

R. Jack Panter

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