Vail Daily letters: Beyond angry at DA |

Vail Daily letters: Beyond angry at DA

I am so frustrated with your recent handling of the hit-and-run case concerning Dr Milo. This was a clear cut felony and a case you should have pursued with confidence and justice in mind. Instead you let personal bias and poor judgment affect your decision.

You had the perfect opportunity to set the tone for Eagle County and Colorado when it comes to protecting bicyclists.

I cannot understand why you did not pursue a felony charge. Martin Erzinger ran from doing the right thing. Sleep apnea? New car smell syndrome? Are you kidding me? This is a joke and an insult to your intelligence.

It shouldn’t matter what the profession may be, he should be prosecuted to the fullest. An ER doctor in California was convicted earlier in the year of hitting two cyclists and will spend time in jail. No mention was made of his profession. It was all about justice. You are a disgrace to the U.S. Justice system. You are a disgrace to the Eagle County justice system. …

My family has come to Eagle County every year both in the summer and winter time. We will not be coming back as long as you are DA. I cannot risk getting hit by a wealthy person and not having true justice served.

I do not have the financial and political connections for true justice in Eagle County and there fore will take a hiatus from visiting the valley. Oh, I will be telling all my friends and family my feelings. I hear Steamboat is lovely. Maybe Telluride as well.

Eagle County, I bid you a sad farewell.

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