Vail Daily letters: Enjoying the comeuppance |

Vail Daily letters: Enjoying the comeuppance

Sherman Brown
Vail, CO, Colorado

I am really enjoying the political theater in the country right now.

For years, Democrats have enjoyed protesting Republican administrations’ actions and stressing that it was their freedom of speech right to do so.

I always agreed with them on this point, although I thought they were wrong with their perspective.

Now with the power they have achieved, they wish to silence any opposition.

Most liberals do not understand how close they are becoming the Nazis they always called the right.

This country has always had different sides to every question. First it was either you believed in king and country as a Tory or in independence as a Patriot.

Then it was the slavery issue. The list goes on and on with abortion, health care, taxes, etc.

I read the other day that that Camile Paglia (a liberal pundit I seldom read) asked for Pelosi to step down. What marvelous advice.

Although I enjoyed the Democratic Party committing suicide, I want the leadership of this country to be strong.

Rest assured, lefties, that Obama is safe.

No one in their right mind would want Biden or Pelosi to be the top dog.

Sherman Brown


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