Vail Daily letters: Good feedback |

Vail Daily letters: Good feedback

Lisa Ponder
Vail, CO, Colorado

In response to my letter expressing my disappointment at the lack of attendance by school district leaders and educators at an event on preventing bullying in our schools, I have received about a dozen e-mails and notes.

Many are positive from parents and teachers who see the problem in our schools and have experienced the lack of tools the district provides teachers and children on how to deal with and prevent bullying.

Some are negative from teachers who did not know about the event and who are frustrated to have another finger pointed at them when they are trying so hard to make a difference in the lives of our children.

I was glad to get both types

of feedback.

Words can inspire us to action.

Even words we don’t want to hear may bring to light a situation or issue that we as a community need to address.

That was my intention when I wrote my letter.

I forwarded a copy to (Superintendent Sandra) Smyser before sending it off to the Vail Daily for that very reason.

Words can hurt.

That was not my intention, and I apologize to the hardworking teachers who did not know about the event and then were called out in the press for not being there.

Words are often cheap. It is fairly easy to write a letter to the newspaper criticizing someone else for not doing the right thing.

It is more difficult to take action and work toward a solution.

That is where I will focus my efforts moving forward.

Lisa Ponder


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