Vail Daily letters: No law against dropping school busing |

Vail Daily letters: No law against dropping school busing

No law ensuring school busing

Although I am confident our school district will continue to provide transportation for our PreK-12th grade students, there is something that needs clarification regarding school bus routes and student transportation.

I heard this repeated incorrectly during the school campaign for permanent higher property taxes and now I am reading it again.

Public school buses are a school district taxpayer gift to students age 7 to 17 years (the compulsory education age in our state), and not a given mandated by any federal or state law.

Pursuant to 22-32-113, C.R.S., the board of education of a school district is authorized but is not required to furnish student transportation home to school, school to school, school to home, and on school sponsored activities. See

So to read this in the newspaper: “Moving the students to another school and town would only serve to reinstate the costs of transportation. With the school being so central within the town of Avon, the necessity of school-funded transportation has been eliminated” needs correction before more erroneously speak out on this topic.

The option of providing no school buses at all is a perfectly legal option.

Again, I don’t anticipate that happening here, but it could legally.

And elsewhere in Colorado, it has.

Reading through the state of Colorado School Transportation Facts 2010 — — you will find that four Colorado school districts currently do not provide any bus routes for their students.

Of those four school districts, two chose to provide special needs busing only, and two districts have chosen to pay parents to transport their child to and from school.

So although I would be shocked if the Eagle County School District stopped providing any public school busing, they can per both federal and state law if they chose to do so.

Marty Lich


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