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Vail Daily Letters: Poor representatives

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Vail, CO Colorado

I am new to the Hidden Gems debate, so I decided to attend Wednesday night’s meeting at the County Building that was intend-ed to dispel misinformation and provide a public forum for the proposal. Unfortunately for me, I was seated in front of what must have been a group newly released from seventh- grade detention who, among other things, threat-ened to dump garbage and van-dalize the house of the presenter, called her a ” b—-,” booed and behaved boorishly throughout the meeting. How embarrassing for those sincerely in opposition. They lost me.

My take-away from the discussion:

• Snowmobiling will not be banned in Colorado as a result of the Hidden Gems proposal. Rev-enue generated from snowmobil-ing licensing and spending on the sport will continue. The lonely Eagle snowmobiling-ATV compa-ny will stay in business.

• Huge land areas remain open to motorized snow recreational vehicles.

The Hidden Gems advocates would help their argument if they presented maps of trails and roads that will continue to provide access to snowmobilers.

What a night!

Katha Hartley Eagle

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