Vail Daily letters protesting plans for Vail Golf Course hole 18 |

Vail Daily letters protesting plans for Vail Golf Course hole 18

Vail Daily staff
Vail, CO, Colorado

Campaign to save hole 18

The Vail Recreation District continues to not respond to the concerns of the golfers and the homeowners surrounding hole 18. Meanwhile the supporters of “Save 18” at Vail Golf Club continue to grow as more people become aware of the proposed parking lot on the green and special event tent area on the 18th fairway. The bulldozer is still scheduled to arrive in August, while the Town Council looks at the zoning and building plans and won’t talk publicly. Neighbors are hiring attorneys to fight the destruction of their property values, and the recreation district appears split on what to do. The recreation district is not getting any emails through their own website, which is broken. Maybe that explains their lack of response to their constituents.

The following comments were shared with me. I’ll share them with you.

Dale Bugby

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Makes no sense

Thank you for setting up this response to the Vail Recreation District’s plan to tear up No. 18. For the record I never thought No. 18 should be changed. It makes no sense to me. I think the clubhouse could be built on the same site. It doesn’t have to be too grandiose as to change the course. I agree that No. 18 is one of the holes that make Vail a really good golf course. We don’t have to tear everything up in this valley! That is my 2 cents worth! Sincerely,

Craig and Sue Arford

Completely opposed

We have been briefed by various parties on the new golf course development plan and are on board with complete and total opposition to such a plan.

Jennifer Land, on behalf of Steven and Robin Chotin

Use the bus

Do we really need more parking there? There’s a bus stop there. Put ’em on a bus for special events.

Stephen Collins

Don’t pave over history

Dear town of Vail, the first thing you see when coming into town is the Vail Golf Course. It has been around almost as long as the town and is a symbol of Vail in the summer.

Throughout the years we have improved the course and in turn improved the town. To destroy part of this history is taking a step backwards and is bad for the town and its image. The cost of destroying the golf course (three-quarters of a million dollars?) should be able to cover a split level, well-landscaped parking area.

There is ample space for the new clubhouse, and any area to be disturbed should be to the driving range side of the existing clubhouse, which would provide a better view of the Gore Range.

To pave over part of the history of Vail is a big mistake and I think there are better solutions then destroying one of the greatest golf holes on the course.

Todd Hatami

Will diminish golf course

I don’t reside in Vail, I live in Edwards, but totally agree with you. Not sure my voice matters, since I don’t having voting rights.

But I’ve lived in Vail Valley for 30 years. Owned a condo in Vail for 10 years before moving downvalley. Changing No. 18 will diminish the golf course. While the recent improvements have improved play at Vail, changing 18 will be a detriment.

Jeff Cohen

Didn’t tell us

The fact people are upset shows they didn’t tell us.

Stephen Connolly

Signature hole

The 18th at Vail is one of the better holes that I have played anywhere. It is a signature hole that should remain a staple on the course. By shortening the hole, we create a less challenging course,and shorten an already short course. The Vail Golf Club is a staple of summer recreation in our community by eliminating the long par 5 you weaken the course and the overall experience that people enjoy.

Douglas McAvity

Not what I voted for

I would never have voted for the money to be spent destroying the 18th hole had I known this is what was planned for the Vail golf club.

Eighteen is a great finishing hole, along with being the best par 5 on the course! Save 18 supporters, good luck and thanks for getting the ball rolling!

Mark Colwell

Already ruined No. 3

I strongly disapprove of this decision to change hole No. 18. I also feel that this decision and many other recent decisions such as hole No. 3, which used to be a fun hole for the women, is now boring as hell. These decisions are being made without voter approval or input in the process.

Bob and Malin Zeltman

Great hole

This is a great finishing hole and we’d hate to see it destroyed. Thanks for taking on this fight. It sounds like the town is trying to pull a fast one.

Charlie and Ginny Crowley

Need another solution

1. We cannot allow them to build anything without parking.

2. They cannot turn 18 into parking.

3. Therefore, they either find another parking solution or they can’t build the community center.

Kaye Ferry

It’s perfect now

My wife and I would both prefer No. 18 to stay the same. The green is in the perfect place in relation to the clubhouse and the outside patio. We would like to see an alternative plan that leaves No. 18 in its present form. We are out of town until late June so please include us as part of the opposition to change.

David and Mary Goldstein

Would be a real loss

We hate the idea of changing No. 18. It’s a wonderful hole and a beautiful way to finish up a golf round. We love the Vail course and this would be a real loss to the course. The goal should be a fine golf course, not a mecca for event planners.

Robin and Ken Guerry

On my way

Sounds like I need to show up with my sand wedge in hand. I’ll be there.

Farrow Hitt

Lot of money

One additional bit of input, the cost alone of building a new No. 18 and rerouting No.13 will be well over $500,000! That’s a lot of money!

Gene Henry

Who knew?

I am opposed to No. 18 becoming a parking lot. Although I am not a voter, I can clearly see that the plan presented to the voters is not the plan we are now seeing.

Trudy Howe

Like the rest of it

I am against the change to the 18th hole, I like the work they are doing on the course to better play, but I think 18 is a great finishing hole.

Rodney Johnson

How do you really feel?

This plan is asinine. I am so sick of this board ramming concepts down our throats! Pass prices did not reflect construction for a third of the season. Isn’t Donovan Pavilion, a taxpayer facility, for weddings, etc.? Food facility is a joke now and what is planned. This “grill” is a glorified sandwich shop!

Colleen McCarthy

Most beautiful hole in state

Much has been said about the 18th hole, but here are a few you have not heard. Vail’s 18th is not only the most beautiful in the Vail Valley, it is also the most beautiful 18th hole in the entire state. Additionally, to quote our beloved Beth Slifer, “Vail is about the quality of the experience” and taking away a valley treasure for a parking lot would seem to denigrate that very experience.

And finally, Town Council, if you really need parking that bad, put some fee simple condos on top of the clubhouse and build underground parking. After all, you own the land and you can damn well zone it any way you want.

T.J. O’Conner

Don’t change hole

Vail Recreation District: We are against changing hole No. 18 at the Vail Golf Course. We do support a new clubhouse, but not the destruction of No. 18.

Dave and Debbie Irwin

Why mess up 18th hole?

I’m glad I found out about this. Twenty years I’ve been playing the Vail course, and to mess up hole 18 … why? It’s really one of two true 5 pars on the course. Don’t turn it into a parking lot. What’s next, turning the Gore Range into a parking structure? Save the 18th!

Scott Savage

Add me to disgruntled list

Please add my name to the list of disgruntled golfers opposed to making the prettiest, dog leg left, par 5 18th into a parking lot. There has to be a better solution.

Gerry Shea

Golf’s most important

I have been a part time resident of Vail since 1988, have worked at the golf course and continue to play it every summer. I oppose destroying one of the top holes on the course for a dubious at best construction project decided on by people who (I’m guessing) don’t even play the course.

Golf and excellence of the course should be the highest priority of the Vail Recreation District. Ancillary services and amenities must take a back seat to the primary purpose of the course, which is the game of golf!

Eric Taylor

Whole thing smells

I think the whole idea stinks. The new hole would have a 200 yard carry over the ponds into the wind from the black tees and be located in “slicer central” off of 17. In addition the new green will be located at the end of the driving range, where we constantly find range balls in the fairway.

Why are we rushing into doing this instead of finding a way to improve the course? Why do we need a wedding facility at the golf course anyways?

Does the recreation board have an aversion to giving us a full season of golf without temporary greens or construction? I am not happy about paying $100 more for my pass than I did the last two years and having a two-and-a-half-month season of a full golf course. I am not in favor of their quick fix of making No.13 a par 5, as well. Two par 5s in a row?

Thank God I didn’t buy a season pass! I’m sure those who did buy passes will be getting some dollars back. Yeah, right. Sounds like politicians being sleazy as usual.

Bobcat Steve Thiesen

Don’t screw it up

I have been living in the valley for 28 years and have been a pass holder at the Vail golf course for 18 years. I totally oppose making No. 18 a parking lot and that the new tee boxes are on the other side of the pond on 17 be the new tee boxes for No. 18.

In Vail wherever parking is needed, like at all the new buildings in Vail, a parking structure under the building has worked great.

Please do not destroy one of the best finishing holes in the Vail Valley!

Paul Seidman

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