Vail Daily letters: Reptiles coming back |

Vail Daily letters: Reptiles coming back

Annie Sinton
Vail, CO, Colorado

It was a zoo at the Town of Vail Public Library on Tuesday, July 20. The Denver Zoo came to the library and brought their “Remarkable Reptiles,” including a bearded dragon, a ball python snake, a leather-backed turtle, and an alligator, among others. The educational presentation was part of the Vail Public Library’s summer reading program.

Many people came with their families and friends to see these amazing creatures and learn about their habitats. Children were allowed to get close, and sometimes even touch the reptiles.

Amy, with the Denver Zoo, did a remarkable job presenting to the summer readers and guests. She was protective of her wild charges, their schedule and their stress level, as well she should be. She explained that the wild creatures cannot see too many children in one program nor do too many programs in a day without getting stressed and sick. The children in attendance were glad that Amy takes good care of the rare creatures.

The response to the town of Vail Public Library program was so great that some families had to be turned away when the library reached the 50-person cap.

We here at the library were happy for the enthusiastic response, but regretted that everyone could not get into the program.

Therefore, we have arranged another visit from the Denver Zoo and their “Remarkable Reptiles.” Amy will bring our wild friends back on Aug. 17 at 1p.m.

This time, pre-registration will be required, and the program will be limited to children in kindergarten and up. Please accept our apologies if you were one of the folks who had to be turned away on the 20th, along with an invitation to pre-register for the Aug. 17 program. To do so, call 970-479-2179 or stop into the library and ask at the reference desk for a registration form for this special event.

Annie Sinton

for the Children’s Team at the town of Vail Public Library

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