Vail Daily letters: Response for ‘To dog haters’ |

Vail Daily letters: Response for ‘To dog haters’

Gretchen Kork
Vail, CO, Colorado

You have made a mistake in thinking it’s the dogs that are hated. Dogs are animals. You have just chosen to keep one as a pet.

Consider that some of us cannot walk through our yards barefoot.

Consider the smell that permeates the mountain air due to the puke, poo, and piss.

Consider that unleashed dogs instinctively attack smaller dogs, and cats. I have witnessed this personally, and yet the perpetrator runs free. On numerous occasions while walking I have been charged by a random dog, whom, to you, would not hurt a fly, but to an innocent pedestrian looks like Cujo.

Tell me, did your dog pause, squat, smile, poo, then run on? Probably.Did you clean up the excrement left behind? Probably not.

Don’t fool yourself. It’s not the dogs we hate. It’s the irresponsible dog owners. From a Colorado native, grow up, be considerate of others, and learn some manners.

Gretchen Kork

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