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Casida is the best choice for Congress

You may have noticed Scott Miller’s omission of other candidates in the 3rd Congressional District, the University of Colorado’s Board of Regents, and judges in his recent article.

Unimportant? Too labor intensive to add? We don’t know.

However, if you are sick and tired of the two major parties doing business as usual, slicing and dicing each other up for each other’s fault as who does not get important national business done, then I am wholeheartedly recommending you vote for Tisha Casida, an independent.

Even though she has not been invited to important debates between Scott Tipton and Sal Pace, she remains resolute in getting her word out about important topics the won’t talk about, as well as the usual drivel and generalizations that their party lines make them follow in lockstep with. Be sure to check out her website –

If you care about the quality of your food and the healthiness of it for your family at the store and from the farm, this is something she is fighting for us as consumers. Regardless of whose health plan gets enacted or retracted, she has no tie in to insurance conglomerates and wants to see these companies do what is best for us as citizens, not be taken advantage of and list crazy conditions that befuddle and confound the brightest of us.

When a veteran comes home, she knows that they deserve more support and compassion than they are getting now. You know this, too, even if you are an anti-war advocate.

She understands that we work hard for our dollars, and they are becoming less effective, eroding in value, because of years of financial manipulation and bungling of higher-ups of our government and private sector, crating a financial policy decipher! She aptly describes this as economic terrorism to our beloved nation.

And if you think your country is not treating you as you feel appropriate, be careful how you speak your mind, as you could be labeled a terrorist and put away in jail without a phone call, courtesy of the National Defense Authorization Act (passed on New Year’s Eve while the nation was partying), a travesty of our Constitution no candidate is willing to discuss.

Please check out her platform on more issues on her website. Vote for someone who will fight and support your rights. Send a hardworking, smart, gives-a-darn woman to get rid of D.C. “normalcy” – vote for Tisha Casida

Tommy King


Research on surgery led me to Dr. Millett

I was recently scheduled to have a total shoulder reversal, an obviously complex and painful surgery. Prior to the surgery, I spent time researching the best doctors and hospitals across the country and found Dr. Peter Millett and the Vail Valley Medical Center. I traveled from Iowa to have Dr. Millett and his professional team conduct my surgery.

My surgery went exceptionally well, and the compassionate care I received from doctors and staff was remarkable. I could not have been happier with the out come and care I received.

I want to sincerely thank Dr. Peter Millett, Steadman Clinic staff, Vail Valley Medical Center pre-surgical planning nurses, operating room staff, pre-operative nurses, PACU nurses, anesthesiologist Dr. Lindsey Nelson, patient care nurses, care techs and my therapy team at Howard Head Sports Medicine. Everyone at the medical center who participated with my care was exceptional. I know there were many others who made my stay one of the best, thank you from Iowa!

Richard Arnold

Iowa State Representative

Lots of folks fooled

I was touched by Pam Boyd’s apology in the paper regarding the “Alex” hoax. Pam is a great woman with a heart of gold. Her son plays baseball with my son, and anybody who knows her can see what a genuine and kind-hearted woman she is.

I appreciate that she is taking responsibility for her part in this scandal, but it would be a huge mistake for her to take any of the fall-out for this. She was doing what she thought was right.

This is wrong on so many levels, but I think that anybody who knows Pam would agree with me that she was not wrong, nor should she own any of this travesty!

She’s a good person and I’m proud to know her. Thank you, Pam, for following your heart.

Dennel Rivera


Don’t beat yourself up

The “Alex” story is saddening and confusing.

It’s not often that an entire community is duped, but we were and I will readily admit that I was right there with the rest of us. I guess with all of the bad, the difficult, the trying things in the world we were looking for something good – when it came along, we all went for it.

I am so proud of the Eagle Valley High School football team and student body. Real or not, “Alex” showed the world what our kids are made of and it couldn’t have been better. I am convinced the next time someone needs help, they’ll all step up again. Their sense of trust and compassion – and all of ours – may be bent a little by this, but it’s not broken.

To Pam Boyd and others who are feeling somehow partially responsible for this, there is only one person to blame and it certainly isn’t you. Don’t beat yourself up over this; we all got taken in. Take pride in the fact that you were part of a community that cared and will continue to help those who need it. It’s greater than ever to be a Devil!

Paul Witt


Thanks for the help

A huge thank you from NRC365! We sure had fun at the Free Family Fun Fair on Oct. 19-20 at Dobson Arena in Vail, thanks to our wonderful community sponsors: Town of Vail, Xfinity, Bighorn Toyota, Prudential Colorado Properties, American Furniture Warehouse, Specialty Sports Venture and Wells Fargo.

The town of Vail, Vail Recreation District and Vail Resorts offered incredible support for the event as did Xfinity, the title sponsor for all the NRC365 2012 Free Family Fun Fairs.

We’re particularly happy to report that a military man and his family visiting from the Colorado Springs area won the children’s furniture set generously donated by American Furniture Warehouse. We can’t think of a more deserving winner! American Furniture Warehouse supports many NRC365 events, for which we are grateful.

A big shoutout to Mike Slevin at locally owned and operated Prudential Colorado Properties, who underwrote Jim Salestrom’s Friday night Teddy Bear Concert. We were thrilled to be treated to Jim’s fine musicianship and voice.

Vail Rec District’s Chad Young donated a bouncy castle and giant slide to tucker out the kids. Merlin Barnes, with Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, had touchy-feely fossils. Ted Tanis and his local crew came with a NASA astronaut and a crowd-pleasing clown fish and shark that “swam” above the fray. The longest lines weren’t for the physical activities, but for the balloon sculptors brought in by Robert Wagner’s Slippery Slope Productions of Denver. Doc Eason joined us from Basalt to wow everyone with his magic tricks, and Vail Valley local Patrick Tvarkunas revved up his popular mechanical bull. Jennifer and Adam Trujillo, owners of Jump to It Inflatables in Gypsum, powered-up their huge, and hugely popular, obstacle course. The friendly AirBound guys lugged a quad bungee and climbing wall all the way from Fort Collins.

Thanks, too, to Eagle River Fire Protection District and Eagle County Ambulance District for parking a shiny red firetruck and a decked-out ambulance at the entrance of Dobson Arena for everyone to climb in and around. The Eagle County Ambulance District, in partnership with Vail Valley Medical Center, invited attendees to play a “brain toss” game – safety education is a major part of every Free Family Fun Fair.

We salute our volunteers Evan Wetzel (Eagle Valley Middle School), Eagle Valley High senior Nicole Daigle and senior Katia Lopez and junior Ruth Castaneda, both Battle Mountain High Hispanic mentors.

Last, but definitely not least, we greatly appreciate Dobson Arena Manager Jared Biniecki and his team, especially Paul and Bob.

They willingly obliged us with every request. The event was certainly a success from the operational standpoint.

The Free Family Fun Fair is truly one of our favorite events. Our sponsors, participants and volunteers’ helpfulness and good cheer supports our mission of producing fun and friendly events for our listeners, and beyond.

P. S. :We look forward to seeing you at the next Free Family Fun Fair on Saturday, Feb. 9, in Eagle!

Holli Snyder, Janet Thrasher

NRC 365 in Avon

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