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Community comes through

What a great community we live in! We all say how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area, but not only is the area beautiful, the hearts of those living in it are, too!

Everywhere you turn there is a fundraiser, almost weekly. People attend the fundraisers, and people and businesses give. We are a community that can raise money!

And I am excited to say that this giving community did not disappoint at the Junior Livestock Auction this year. The board members of Junior Livestock and the parents were nervous. The economy nationally and locally is suffering. Livestock auctions around the state were seeing up to a 50 percent decline in sales. But our community rose to the occasion for the kids.

As with every year, the kids worked hard with their animals and raised great quality animals. The community was accepting of the buyer packets. and the buyers arrived – it made for an amazing sale!

Participate in The Longevity Project

The Longevity Project is an annual campaign to help educate readers about what it takes to live a long, fulfilling life in our valley. This year Kevin shares his story of hope and celebration of life with his presentation Cracked, Not Broken as we explore the critical and relevant topic of mental health.

I would like to take the time to explain 4-H and Junior Livestock to the community. It is a great program for kids to learn leadership skills, responsibility, business sense and overall communication skills.

Kids can follow any interest that they have. It is not just animals. There is clothing construction, photography, leatherwork, shooting sports, baking and more than I could even list. Animals are just a part of 4-H, and you don’t have to have land to have the animals.

There are two community barns that will house a variety of animals for kids who cannot keep animals at their homes. All members are encouraged to participate in the county fair, which is always at the end of July. It is an opportunity that allows the kids and even other community members to showcase their projects. If you have not made it to the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo, you are missing out.

Junior Livestock is made up of a volunteer board that helps facilitate the sale. At the sale, the kids have an opportunity to showcase their hard work and to sell their animals.

In the 4-H program, youth compete in showmanship, and their animals compete in market for grand champion. The kids show an amazing sense of sportsmanship toward one another. There is a certain level of competition between the kids and even between siblings, but after the show is over, they all have fun together.

The buyers come from all over the county as well as many from nearby counties. It is a great way to show support to the kids as well as acquire some incredible-tasting meat. The kids raise these animals with love and compassion. The animals are locally grown, and while they can’t be certified as organic, I can tell you that when you experience the clean taste of 4-H meat, you will not want to go back to anything else.

The Junior Livestock sale always happens on the last Saturday of the fair. The Eagle County Cattleman’s Association is a sponsor along with several other generous community sponsors.

Alpine Bank provides a catered barbecue luncheon for all the potential buyers. It is a great time to sit down, catch up with old friends and even meet new ones. After lunch, the bidding begins. Grand-champion animals and their proud growers show what it takes to be tops and are eligible for the sale ring first. Then the bidding begins.

This year we were fortunate to have a past 4-H member start the bidding and open the auction off with a bang. That momentum continued throughout the auction. There were so many heartwarming stories that were seen and told that day! I hope to share them with the community over the next few months. I am proud that the small community of Eagle County can say that we are raising some wonderful, giving and thoughtful children who are going to make a difference in the world and the people that they touch!

As a mom of two 4-Hers, I want to tell you how much they have grown and learned through the 4-H Youth Development program. It is because they have taken so much away from the program that I am hoping to start a series of articles about 4-H as well as the amazing things that the 4-H kids have accomplished in this community in hopes that more youth and

families take advantage of the 4-H program.

Kathy Calton

Liked that letter

Since my letter about Galileo has now been published, I would like to compliment Mr. Flemming on his letter, which I recognize as being a more thoughtful and better answer to Nicholas Huella’s opinion in his Valley Voices (Aug. 24) than mine was.

Timothy Hawkins Avon

Great catch

Blu SKY Restoration Contractors sends a huge thank-you to all who made it the perfect day for our Catch for the Community fly-fishing derby.

Our sponsors: FRSTeam, Dave Peterson Electric, Minturn Anglers, Town of Minturn, Minturn Saloon, Nova Guides, the Turtle Bus, Bonfire Brewing, the Vail Daily, NRC Broadcasting, TV-8, KZYR and State Farm with Will Comerford.

Eagle Valley Trout Unlimited, John and Jodi Knight for the website, fliers and volunteerism; Alex Schaefer for the silent-auction drive and more; Matt Sprecher and his team at Minturn Anglers, who made the fishing and derby happen – the fishing and guides were fantastic!

Andy Kauffman and Bruce at Minturn Saloon for A-plus service and being exceptionally accommodating; Shane with the Turtle Bus for making the all-day stops a very fun ride; Andy Jessen and Matt Wirtz at Bonfire Brewery for supplying the excellent homebrew for the day; BT in the morning; Mark Bricklin at the Vail Daily; Tony Mauro at KZYR; Gourmet Cowboy for the scrumptious lunch.

Silent Auction: Alpine River Outfitters, Scientific Anglers, Venture Sports, Crazy Mt. Brewery, the Messmer family, Alex Schaefer, the Vickerman family, Minturn Saloon, Avon Liquor, Costa Del Mar.

Volunteers: Andre Wilner, Closet Factory; Keith Kelly, Riverquest Builders; Chip Howard, Heartland Payment Systems; Jodi Knight, Jacob Knight, Jack Knight and Bluesman Nate King for your talent.

And all of the anglers! Winners: Most Fish Caught (20!), John Knight and Chris Galvin; Biggest Fish (40 centimeters!), John Corbin.

Jody O’Connell Blu SKY Restoration Contractors

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