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Lacking leadershipLike Butch Mazzuca, I believe in America exceptionalism. The Stratfor essay reminds us how blessed we have been with geographic, political and cultural advantages. Exceptionalism does not exist without leadership from the top. Companies, families, teams and countries demand leadership.Without a leader giving focus to the energies of the group, there can be no exceptionalism.A leader who does not believe in the exceptionalism of his organization cannot motivate people to act in an exceptional way.The USA has a vacuum of leadership and, thus, is drifting with a lack of confidence in the future. Arch McGill Scottsdale, Ariz.Just sayin’ …Since Dick Gustafson offers no factual evidence and cites no specific sources to any of his claims about Obama, why would anyone take him seriously? Since no one checks to see if what he says is credible, it follows that all of his assertions could be false, invalid, inflammatory and distorted, not to mention racially intolerant. In contrast, Henry Bornstein’s commentary on “Church history is ignorant” was thoughtful, insightful, source-supported and intelligently written. Whether you agree or disagree with either of the columnists, I would prefer to read more of Mr. Bornstein and less of Mr. Gustafson. One should be read, the other committed.Dennis Geraghty Denver Another great rummage sale!Believe it – the Eagle Valley Community Fund had another wonderful rummage sale the last two weekends in August. The attendance the first Saturday was around 2,700 folks ready to get great deals, and there were plenty of them.In the entrance is Sue’s Cafe, where coffee, doughnuts, ice tea, lemonade and special donated baked goods are available, and do the folks go for that! We have a lot of folks and businesses that sponsor the cafe, and here’s many thanks to them: Dietz Management; Otto, Porterfield, Ayres; Bob and Helen Fritch; Gallegos Masonry; Wells Fargo Bank; Swallow Oil; Warner Development; Bruce Allen, CPA; Team Black Bear Real Estate; Edward Jones, Charlie Wick; Oran Palmateer; 4-Eagle Ranch; Cowboy Catering; Alpine Holiday Services; Eagle Valley Enterprise.For all the great baked goods, we appreciate these folks. They do know how to make awesome goodies: Blue Moose; Bonjour Bakery; Columbine Bakery; Columbine Market; Cowboy Catering; The Turntable.Supplies were furnished by: City Markets of Avon, Eagle and Vail; Safeway; Village Market; Walmart. What a wonderful group of folks helping out with the great success of the Eagle Valley Community Fund, helping around 70 nonprofit groups here in Eagle County! Sue Mott EVCF Board MemberGreat mushroom festThe fourth Eagle Mushroom Festival was a great success, introducing the excitement of hunting and cooking choice edible mushrooms growing wild in our mountains to beginners and adding to the considerable knowledge of other more experienced mushroom gatherers. This was a wonderful occasion to meet other people in our community who share a common interest. Thanks to the generous donations of Craig Colby of Broadway Liquors, the McMullens of Paradigms restaurant, Chef Ryan Murray of Red Canyon Cafe and Dr. Wiancek of Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic, we were able to host the event. I want to also extend thanks to the town of Eagle for their in-kind support and a particular personal thank you to Karen Kalfas and Marsha Bjornson and all the other volunteers who contributed their talent and effort to this three-day event. Tom BoniNot so fast with those claimsRegarding Darrell Walsh’s “Critical thinking” letter Sept. 7: Good afternoon, and thank you for allowing me into your debate process. Fortunately for me, I had studied under and was mentored by some wonderful, published professors: geneticist Dr. Carlson, vertebrate physiologist Dr. Simpson, biochemist Dr. Zukas, microbiologist Dr. Whittaker (Who’s Who in American Women) and many others. Dr. Simpson drilled into me “research your sources,” which brings me to your discussion of Al Gore’s global-warming ideals.The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was formed in 1988, only 14 years after Time (June 24, 1974), Newsweek (April 28 1975) and National Geographic (1976) warned that “global cooling presents humankind with the most important challenges we have had to deal with in 110,000 years.”We only need to substitute the word “warming” for “cooling” and we have the identical alarmism 30 years later. Meanwhile, the climate refuses to cooperate with computer models and writers of climate alarmism.The IPCC is related to environmental activism, politics and opportunism. It is unrelated to science. It is commonly cited that the fourth assessment report in 2007 had 2,500 “climate scientists” when actually, of the 1,190 individuals who wrote the report, many were not scientists but political activists. The Wall Street Journal (June 11, 1996) had a blistering editorial exposing the IPCC process and a June 12, 1996, article by the former president of the National Academy of Sciences, titled “Major Deception on Global Warming.”In 1998, recent graduate Michael Mann derived the famous “hockey stick” diagram that Al Gore uses to scare the masses into believing the Earth will rapidly overheat due to excessive CO2 concentrations. CO2 is the vital chemical compound that every plant requires to live and grow and to synthesize into oxygen for us humans and all animal life.Two Canadian scientists, McIntyre and McKitrick (M&M), demolished Mann’s theory on the basis of statistics. Using Mann’s own data, M&M showed that the early 15th century temperatures exceed any 20th century temperatures. M&M had hearings with the IPCC, U.S. House Science Committee, National Academy of Sciences, House Energy and Commerce Committee, all of which concluded that Mann’s conclusions could not be substantiated. (Science 306:679-682) (Geophysical Research 32:L20701, doi:10.1029/2005GL022753) and others. As a result, the IPCC no longer promotes the “hockey stick” scare tactic, re-inserted the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age (1280-1850 A.D.) into their data and NASA now reports the hottest years of the past century were in the 1930s (1934,1931,1938 and 1939), when the CO2 levels were much lower than now. Several previously alleged warm years (2000, 2002, 2003, 2004) are now cool years. Similarly, the UK’s Meteorological Office has now confirmed a fall in average global temperatures since 1998, despite a 25 percent increase in the burning of fossil fuels, adding voluminous CO2 additions to the atmosphere.Anyone who does not agree with the fact that the climate changes is in denial; we have been in a global warming trend since the last ice age. Climate changes are cyclical and are driven by wobbles in the Earth’s orbit, our position in the galaxy, sun activity, plate tectonics and ocean currents. In previous times, when atmospheric CO2 was far higher than now, there was no runaway greenhouse effect or acidic oceans. Your last paragraph alludes to the rise in diseases being due to pollution. I completely agree that we should make cleaner air and water a priority. However in January, Dr. P.M. Bhargava, one of the world’s top biologists, stated that after reviewing 600 scientific journals, he concluded that the genetically modified foods in the U.S. are largely responsible for the increase in many serious diseases.Critical thinking ignores no known evidence. A good primer on science, history, humanities and health on a global scale is Ian Plimer’s well-documented “Heaven and Earth.” Enjoy!Chas Bernhardt Vail What global warming? I was amazed to read the recent Vail Valley Voices by Dr. Glasser. He has a right to voice his opinion but feels that people who disagree with him should be censored from speaking out. Does he want to ban books or imprison dissenters?Global warming has been discredited by the actions of scientists who manufactured evidence to support their theories. The Earth has been around a long time. At one time, it was covered with water. Another period of history, it was covered in ice.In the Middle Ages, it was warm enough to grow grapes for wine in the northern regions of Great Britain. Dinosaurs roamed the Earth in a jungle-like climate. Has man caused all these variances in climate? Scientists have been proven wrong throughout history. At one time, doctors bled people to cure them.I imagine that Dr. Glasser will think I am a mean-spirited extremist who should be shackled in the town square and laughed at. I have one piece of advice for the good doctor: Take two aspirin, and blame Bush in the morning!Sherman Brown Edwards

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