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Spend those conference center fundsI am writing to ask for local support of the coming ballot initiative to use some of the failed conference center lodging tax revenues to rebuild, restore and or repair the Vail Golf and Nordic Center building with the added option of having it similar to Donovan’s Pavilion. I have worked at the golf course for the last four summers and have seen the condition of the building first hand. While on initial viewing it seems OK, it is over 30 years old and in need of numerous and expensive maintenance and repairs. The town of Vail has received legal advice that the conference center funds must be used in the near future or be returned (that is, refunded by lowering the current lodging tax until the newly foregone revenues equal those collected for the conference center). As such, retaining the conference center funds and using some of them to improve part of the town of Vail’s infrastructure that is one of the Vail Recreation District’s key revenue generators seems reasonable. Plus, it would provide another facility for hosting weddings and events similar to those at Donovan’s Pavilion. If you have ever tried to book Donovan’s, you would have found that it is booked well in advance. A new Golf and Nordic Center building would lead to more heads in beds and overall business for local businesses.Updating the Golf and Nordic Center facilities will ensure their ability to attract a vibrant and growing clientele and generate increased revenues and business for the town of Vail. Please vote “yes” on this use of the conference center funds.Richard C. Puetzer VailI’ll vote for 3BDear Mr. Brennan: In your letter published Thursday, Oct. 27, you suggested that instead of voting for 3B, parents save the money and travel the world with their children. My taxes will go up an estimated $100 a year. Gee, I wonder how long it will take my husband and me to save up money to take ourselves and our two boys on a trip around the world? It will only take 50 years if we want to do the low-budget $5,000 trip! I will vote for 3B and vote to continue the great education and experience that my boys are receiving at June Creek Elementary School and will continue to receive in Eagle County Schools.Carol Koch Edwards Yes to 3BOur taxes are low. There are only one or two states that spend less per pupil on education than we do. Our superintendent is brilliant.We elect the school board. We can attend their meetings to listen and learn and provide input. We are responsible if they don’t fulfill their mandate.Education is the key to our future prosperity.Vote “yes” on 3B.Sarah Smith AvonOh, I’ve got credentialsJim Balter from Santa Barbara, Calif. (Oct. 8) claims that I failed to get my papers published because my work was “unscientific, incorrect, fallacious, contrary to fact, and methodically flawed.” Warren Senders from Medford, Ore. (Oct. 10) rails against the fossil fuel industry and “mendacious professional dissenters,” of which I am presumably one because of my “misrepresentations.”As Lawrence O’Donnell is fond of saying on MSNBC, “you are entitled to your own opinions but not to your own facts.” For facts regarding my professional qualification kindly go to my website, There you will find a record that includes over 100 scientific publications in a variety of field, as well as the opinions of colleagues regarding my scientific ability. For my contribution to the climate change issue, go to my paper in Energy and Environment, Vol 20, No 1 (2009) pp 83-89 (available online at (note the underline _ between 1 and H). A complete history of my encounters with the anthropogenic global warming theory are described in Chapter 12, pp 163-187 of the book “Slaying the Sky Dragon — Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory,” published earlier this year by Stairway Press. My qualifications in meteorology are contained in my record of service with the U.S. Navy.As with Mann’s earlier criticisms of me, the recent letters contain mostly ad hominem arguments with little or no facts on the issue. Balter has added a selective appeal to authority that ignores the authority of the more than 30,000 scientists who have signed the Oregon Petition. He has also ignored the recent resignations of several distinguished physicists from the American Physical Society for its faulty position on the issue.Again, for real data that you can evaluate for yourself, go to My evaluation of that data for average temperatures, ice-area coverage, snow-area coverage, sea level rise, show nothing particularly dramatic beyond the normal variability in those parameters. There is absolutely nothing in the data to justify Sender’s claim that we are facing “the gravest threat our species has faced in recorded history.” Recorded history includes the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, and the Holocene — all much warmer than today in the absence of any significant human production of CO2. There is not one iota of reliable scientific evidence to support the theory that human emission of CO2 is having any effect on weather or climate. The overwhelming amount of evidence shows that the greenhouse gas-anthropogenic global warming theory is devoid of physical reality.It is tragic that what should have been a free and fair debate on the issue has degenerated into a meanspirited political harangue.Dr. Martin Hertzberg Copper MountainTrapped in Eagle-Vail The rest of the valley is happy that the construction is mostly over and they can drive on both lanes of the road. Well, it isn’t over for Eagle-Vail. This construction started in May and closing the road down to one lane began in August. It has been five months of difficult traveling from my home to work. Even the 1.3 miles to Walmart can take me up to 20 minutes! It’s so bad that I don’t leave the house to do errands . Now with the brief respite of a clear road, knocking it down to one lane at a three-way intersection almost a month after they said they would be finished harassing us it just too much. I can’t bypass the construction one lane at Shop & Hop anymore. For the residents of Eagle-Vail, there is no way out to go downvalley. I just hope that the construction workers can pick up the pace and get this done within a week, because living with a one-lane road for another two months is unacceptable. Give us residents the deadline, and be finished by that deadline. But of course, I know that this horrible mess will continue until at least Christmas because no one cares about the frustration and anger of the trapped residents of Eagle-Vail. Allison Dimond AvonKeep Eagle charmingOnce again, I am writing this letter imploring Eagle River Station to go away, and I will continue to do so.I moved to Eagle 11 years ago after falling in love with the smalltown, rural feel of the area. It’s different than all the other towns throughout this valley in which I’ve been a part of for 24 years. It has an actual downtown! I built a home here knowing that Eagle would continue to grow. However, I always imagined that it would do so in a responsible direction, continuing to keep its smalltown charm.I really think having those generic, large big box shops are convenient enough for all of us to visit either in Glenwood Springs or Siverthorne. If you look around at various towns in Colorado that thrive on tourism, but continue to remain very special in their aesthetics — such as Aspen, Telluride, Crested Butte — none of them have huge malls drawing people to them. It’s that exact reason that people are drawn to them. I know it’s naive to think that the developers would ever just walk away from their investment, but why do they insist on returning to the drawing board with a project of this size when the people of Eagle have already voted it down once? There has been very little change to their plans since the last time it was brought to the table. It’s just too big! Does our community realize that a project of this size will change the look and feel of this town and valley forever? Why not concentrate on the “mom and pop” shops that are already here? Why not fill the empty retail space that already exists and continues to open up? Let’s help our friends and neighbors continue to stay in business. I for one want to retain that special smalltown charm in Eagle. I want to continue to see elk and horses grazing in those open spaces, or at least some of it. Please, just say no to ERS. Lisa WellsEagle

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