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New blood good for Vail Council

I have heard the call from the old guard that new blood is needed and desired on the Vail Town Council. With this field of seven candidates, there are two candidates that would do just that.

Both have what it takes to make solid decisions. Their interest and loyalties are focused on the town of Vail and their ideas and passion are aligned for a better Vail. They are not bound by a special interest group or organizations with self-serving goals. They would be coming in fresh with no baggage or debt to any one group other than the citizens of Vail.

We know a couple of previous council members may get elected this go around, so perhaps this is a good time for some new blood to be introduced into the mix. Give thought to new blood and consider Steve Connolly and Rayla Kundolf for Vail Town Council. They could be just what the doctor ordered.

Farrow Hitt


Great driving class

I would like to send a great big thank you to Sheriff Joe Hoy, Sports Car Club of America, Rotary Club of Edwards, Vail Valley Jet Center and the Airport Rescue Fire Fighters for the tremendous Street Survival course presented to our young drivers on a recent Sunday.

This is the fifth year Sheriff Hoy has brought the course to Eagle County. At least a dozen members of the Sports Car Club of America volunteered their time and talents. The Rotary Club provided lodging and meals for the volunteers and the attendees. Vail Valley Jet Center provided the location free of charge. And the great Airport Rescue Fire Fighters watered down the course for the slip and slide.

It was all to give these young drivers a safe and controlled environment within which to learn critical driving skills everyone should have. The kids had a blast and as parents, we’re happy knowing that several of our new drivers on the roads this winter have learned skills necessary to get them safely to and from school and home.

Kudos to you all! Parents, keep a weather eye out for the spring driving school.

Lori Siefers

Thanks Finnegan’s

I wanted to publicly thank the owners of Finnegan’s Wake in Avon, especially their staff.

Although much of my time is now spent in California, Finnegan’s Wake was a landmark for the town of Avon, where locals could grab a drink and always expect a good time whether you were alone or with a group.

I am sad because it was one of those places in the Vail Valley that always treated you like family and made you feel at home — and as a Beaver Creek boy, I will forever be grateful that we had them as long as we did.

Ali Hasan

A hutch not enough

Sadly for rabbits whose only home is a hutch, existing in a box in a backyard is a miserable life for them. The sun comes up, they hop over to their water bottle; this time of year it is frozen, no water.

They sit all day with nothing to do, lonely and forgotten. The sun goes down, they are cold so they hop across their wire floor, which hurts their feet into their sleeping space which hasn’t been cleaned, they are forced to sleep in their feces and some bedding material. They struggle to stay warm as the temperature drops.

The sun comes up, another day. They get to do it allover again. If they are the lucky ones (if you can call it lucky) they may be released for a short time once in awhile. To their disappointment they are placed back in their box to face the lonliness and boredom again. This goes on and eventually they get sick and die. Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits can’t demand attention, so they often get ignored.

Thousands of rabbits are purchased as pets, their owners soon tire of them, and they end up in backyard hutches to live miserable lives.

A campaign was started by the Rabbit Welfare Association in the UK about 18 months ago called A Hutch Is Not Enough. Their website is

They produced a video for this campaign that you can view on You Tube, just type in “a hutch is not enough” in the search, or you can view it from the website above.

A song was written by Marie Danes for this video, the following are the words from this song.

This campaign will be coming to Eagle County in the next few weeks.

Jeanette Edmonson


Keep Eagle quaint

I just returned from visiting wonderful Eagle, Colo., and wanted to respond to a letter in the Oct. 15 Vail Daily. I have somewhat followed the Eagle River Station proposal for the past four years, as my family lives in Eagle.

There was one comment I definitely do not understand in that letter related to ERS helping revitalize the town. From my perspective as a visitor, the town does not need revitalized, as I found it quite charming and full of shopping and dining choices, including the surprise of some new stores in the Eagle Ranch area. Plus without a car and unlike in Kansas City, I could walk everywhere! My only complaint is that in just eight days, there is no way I can make it to all of the wonderful choices Eagle has to offer.

Although Eagle might not be having a major boom in this tough economy, it seems to be surviving and moving along at a pace that fits a town of 6,500 people. I happily spent my hard-earned money supporting these stores that cannot be found elsewhere. And I wonder if Eagle River Station is built, will these stores be able to (or even want to) survive, as it will certainly have an impact.

I do not like politics, so I do not want to get into a heated debate about the pros and cons of the project. However, I do like Eagle a lot and hope that each time I return it has not tried to become something it isn’t with Eagle River Station. That can be found pretty much anywhere across the United States.

Please support the many businesses that make Eagle such a great place to visit so I can shop at them again on my next visit!

Andrea Dowell

Liberty, Mo.

What 7 billion means

On Oct. 30, the Earth was supposed to receive its 7th billion human. Now, of course, no one knows exactly when the 7th billion person will arrive, but it’s close.

So what? So, this is a finite planet. There is a finite space for humans, animals, etc. There is only so much garbage and toxic chemicals Earth can absorb, and the sheer number of people make it almost impossible to reduce such poisons.

I am tired of some religious leaders who say, “God will provide.” I am tired of some scientists who say, “Technology will take care of our problems.” What will provide, along with real efforts to reduce global climate change, is providing every woman on the planet who wants to space her children, or heaven forbid, doesn’t want any children at all, with contraceptives and the medical care that goes along with it.

Planned Parenthood has done more good by providing inexpensive health care and the wherewithal to have the number of children one wants and can afford than any other organization I know of. And yet they are vilified and harassed.

They would rather there are no abortions, but know realistically that sometimes that is the only answer. Life is not black and white. It is shades of gray. How can anyone want a crack baby or one produced by rape to come into the world?

I hear people saying that we should not interfere with other cultures. If their culture says women must have as many children as the husband wants, then we should not try to provide contraception to the mother. Phooey.

Ask the women what they think of their culture. I had a friend involved with an environmental organization who was doing research in a develop ing country. She told of how women would come up to her and ask if she had the pill and then beg her not to tell their husbands that they had asked.

When my father was born, there were about 150 billion people in the world. When I was born, there were about 2 billion people in the world. If you don’t think there is a problem with the number of people, think again. Is there a single one of the world’s biggest problems that are not exacerbated by the growing population?

Our government spends billions on providing weapons, but only a tiny fraction of its foreign aid on providing health clinics. Perhaps you would like to contact your senators and representative and ask that they support education, employment and access to health care and contraception for all women.

Then, maybe, the Earth’s population will one day stabilize. As for now, 7 billion and counting.

Katherine Delanoy


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