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Keep your dog on leashWhy won’t anyone in the Vail Valley put a leash on their dog? Why is it that every time I go out on the bike path between Edwards and Avon, a path with signs that say “All Dogs Must Be On A Leash” every 100 feet, I see people with dogs off their leashes? Can’t they read? For every dog I see on a leash, I see 10 dogs without a leash. Nearly every single time I go running I have someone’s stupid dog bark at me, and many times they start chasing me. Do these people think it is funny when their dogs do stupid things? Do they feel pride when their dog starts chasing after strangers in public places?I love dogs. I loved the dog I had growing up more than I have ever loved anything else in my life. But ever since I was bitten by that dog, I now must look at every dog as a potential attacker and rabies carrier. It’s almost as though these dog owners would rather have their violent canine bite someone than put them on a leash. Do these people have no courtesy for other people?If you are the type of person who believes your mutt has too much dignity, is too important and well bred to wear a leash, then I invite you to take a good, long look at the scar on my rear end from that dog bite, and then give it a big kiss.Steve Balough AvonTell me more …Wrote an email to David Sirota and his automated response suggests I write to you to. Here’s the email I wrote him:David: Thank you for writing such a well thought out, non-biased “one way or another” article that delves deep into the unpublished reasons for Paul’s rise. As someone on the ground, this is what I find from people, too.One question: Have you written in detail anywhere about your concerns for Ron Paul’s economic positions? I’ve worked designing trading systems in some of the biggest exchanges in the country and have seen a lot of what really goes on first hand. Therefore, I just happen to come from a different perspective. Paul’s economic positions are amongst the ones I agree with the most. I’d really respect hearing a contrary position from you to see why you feel that way.Always learning …Anthony Borucki ChicagoA challenging HalloweenThe town of Minturn continually strives to be better. At times, though, things happen to throw a wrench in the works. Such an event occurred on Halloween weekend this past October. Minturn relishes our Halloween celebration. As a small, yet vibrant, town in the midst of two world-class ski resort areas, many Eagle County and Vail Valley residents find their way here to Minturn for Halloween. In Minturn, you can gather your kids and walk safely throughout town seeking “trick or treat” favors. That was true this past Halloween as well.However, in the afternoon that same day, an accident occurred on I-70 spilling a reported 4,950 gallons of a toxic substance onto the interstate. Consequently, the incident ultimately resulted in the closure of I-70 and the rerouting of a large volume of traffic diverted over Battle Mountain and through Minturn. It took traffic from four lanes of high-speed interstate highway and diverted it onto a two-lane roadway.While this traffic was moving through Minturn to rejoin I-70 at Dowd Junction, many costumed characters were already “trick or treating” throughout town. During this extremely popular night, the Minturn Police Department takes extra care to ensure the safety of children in town. Meanwhile, on the far end of town, Xcel Energy was still working round the clock on its gas line replacement project. This “summer” project had run into snags throughout the summer and work was still under way that night. The log jam, restricting traffic that day to one lane at Dowd Junction, greatly exacerbated the traffic flow problem and slowed traffic to a crawl, making matters worse.The town of Minturn recognizes the difficulties people faced that afternoon and evening. We did not cause the problem. However, we are not insensitive to the problems that arose. For those of you who notified us, your concerns were not ignored.We regret the time people sat in traffic. We regret the shortage of bathroom facilities. We regret the level of frustration caused to so many by having to wait so long to get through to the other side of the mountain.We are thankful that no one was injured. Despite all the children walking around town, all the drivers were careful enough and drove slowly enough to prohibit any traffic accidents or pedestrian injury. We are grateful that no other medical emergencies arose. If there is silver lining, that was it.We followed up with CDOT, our local fire district, and with Xcel Energy after the incident to consider what steps could be taken in the future to more expeditiously correct a similar situation. We reviewed the situation internally at the staff level. In the process, we learned what we could do differently in a future circumstance.We are a great little town and we want you to come back. Please accept our good will and our recognition that we need to continue to strive to get better. We will!Jim White Minturn Town ManagerOh, those liberalsOne of these days a liberal will come up with an original thought, but I am still waiting. It’s always (fill in Republican name) is “stupid.” This “stupid” moniker has been used for decades. It’s really tiresome. Can any progressive or liberal make a debatable intelligent statement? Only a dim witted person will use name calling as criticism. Ron Ownby Gypsum Shedding more light existing and known general service incandescents will progressively be banned on EISA regulation, by 2020 at the latest: delayed this at least two years, officially decided November 2011.Texas legal manufacture since June. Six other states are in various stages of ban repeal: with regulation details and updatesPeter Thomes New YorkLove those lights!I wanted to compliment the Town of Vail lighting crew for their Christmas light dispalys in the roundabouts and throughout town. The main Vail roundabout is wonderful, as usual. Lots of people are commenting on the fresh look.The West Vail roundabout is truly spectacular. What a novel and artistic way to bring the season to light. Every year locals wait to see what you folks will come up with as a theme. You have outdone yourself this year. It’s fun, different and truly artistic.Congratulations on once again exceeding our expectations.Dick Cleveland VailI don’t feel saferJust a thought. When I think of federal agencies, here are just a few: FDA, FDIC, FBI, FEMA, TSA, ATF, CIA, FREDDIE, FANNIE, FCC FHFA, FMCSA, FTC, SEC, SSA, SBA, GAO, GMAO, BLM, USPS, VA, PBGC, NASA, NHTSA, CDC, CPSC, IRS, and the list goes on and on. One thing is for sure: We haven’t been safe and protected for a long, long time. We aren’t right now and it doesn’t look like we will be anytime soon.Juan Geronimo Eagle

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